Before Blogger made it's internet debut the Internet started losing personality and interaction. Journals, poetry, and writing were getting too boring. Blogger has brought back the fun and excitement!




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Help Make Blogger Go Faster!

Dear Friend of Blogger,

Our current toteboard! The enthusiastic response we've gotten from our users (and, recently, the press) has been terrific. Our loyal users have been very supportive, and we've gotten over 21,000 new users in the past two months alone.

However, success hasn't been easy here in BloggerLand. You see, we love for more people to be using Blogger. But we hate for Blogger to be slow and frustrating to use. Unfortunately, the former has tended to lead to the latter. As you have no doubt noticed, Blogger's performance has continued to degrade. We've promised we had the fix a couple times, as we engineered better solutions. And things did improve. Temporarily. But not enough to keep up with the increased demand.

What we really need to do now is buy some more servers. This is a fairly normal thing in the life of an Internet startup. You grow, you add servers. Unfortunately, in this post-dot-com-shakeout climate, when getting money from investors -- no matter how great they think your product is (and they do!) -- is like pulling teeth from a rhinoceros, adding servers has become a non-trivial matter.

What we're trying to say is that we're low on funds, which has kept us from making the hardware investments needed to keep the Blogger service snappy and fun. So, we're turning to you, our loyal users, for help. With a small donation to the Blogger Server Fund, you can show your support for Blogger helping people publish on the web for a year and a half (absolutely free and without ads!). And, most importantly, you will help bring Blogger back up to speed, so it'll be more enjoyable for everyone. (And if we get enough, we'll even be able to add some groovy new features that are waiting in the wings, which also take extra processing power.)

How much you contribute is up to you. We need a minimum of $5,000 to make a decent upgrade right away. That could be accomplished with 1,000 people giving as little as $5. If you give $10 or more, we'll send you a pack of four-inch Blogger [B] stickers, as demoed by Ev. They're good for, um...sticking on things.

Making your contribution is easy using PayPal. PayPal is a safe and painless way to transfer funds on the web. Whether you already have a PayPal account or not, it'll only take a couple minutes. Just click below to make your donation in any amount:

We'll let you know how we're doing as the funds roll in. We truly appreciate your help.

Team Blogger

P.S. - If you make a contribution of $10 or more and want the Blogger sticker pack, be sure to include your shipping address in the PayPal payment!

P.P.S. - If you are not able to use PayPal, due to your location (they claim to be "international" now, but that unfortunately doesn't mean everywhere), or you just prefer to send a check or money order, our mailing address is on our about page.

P.S. #3 - Alternatively, there are mugs and mousepads for sale at inflated prices.