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The Masterpiece is here!!! Rejoice!!!- March 27, 2001 by Marcial
Can you believe it?! The first album by SAND is complete! Many thanks go out to Eryk Bateman for his production skills and wanton disregard for humans. Ya gotta appreciate that high a level of objectivity... Show him love at http://www.razingbeauty.com

SAND can now begin to duplicate the CD and that means that we can now share it with the most important people of all... THE FANS! That's right! Both of you will be getting CD's very soon. Tee-hee.

Mike will be updating the mp3.com page with the newest dope shit and you should be able to preview all the songs and then you can pick up a CD for yourself one of two ways: Buy one through http://www.mp3.com/sandtheband or buy them through us.

We'll be lookin' to play shows again (whoopee!) soon, so you can catch the macho display that is the SAND live show... Prepare well.

4:20 p.m. already?! - March 14, 2001 by Marcial
SAND will be playing at a Social Gathering in the Niles District of Fabulous Fremont! It's at Dave's house. To get there, and you will get yourself there, turn onto Niles AWAY from the Hills, make the first right, then the first left and go to the end of the street, there... Follow the music and the pot heads...

* * * And now... Recording News!!! * * *

SAND is putting the finishing touches on their Debut Self-Produced CD! Mikey is thinkin' about sprucin' up the vocals, but for the most part the CD should be done in about 2 weeks! Pee your pants! I did!