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Welcome to Peoplestreet, the new online service that allows you to create and exchange self-updating electronic business cards that work with your existing address book!

Exchange LiveCards™
Once you join Peoplestreet, you can create LiveCards, electronic business cards that contain your selected contact information. You can exchange these cards with your business contacts and friends, and automatically receive updates to their contact information when changes occur.

Stay Connected
When you update your contact information, we update their address book. When they update their contact information, we update your address book. With Peoplestreet you and all of your important contacts are always up to date.

Automatic Entry and Updates
Peoplestreet offers add-ins for leading address books that are available through a simple download. The add-in works seamlessly with your existing address book, so you don't have to change the way you stay in touch.

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Do you work for a small business?
Do you want electronic business cards with your company logo? Get them for free when you sign up for Peoplestreet in March and April of 2001. For more information email us today at customlivecard@peoplestreet.com.

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Have a WAP-enabled cell phone?

Use MS Outlook 98 or Lotus Notes to send email or manage your contacts?

Email The Peoplestreet Beta Team to join our Betas now, and you could win a Palm V!

Peoplestreet Selected to Present at the VentureOne Summit
March 20, 2001

Products attempt to solve shortcomings of Business Cards, The Boston Globe
February 18, 2001

Peoplestreet Privacy Commitment
Peoplestreet does not license, rent, sell, analyze, or expose any individual information to any third parties for any purpose whatsoever. Our members’ privacy is of paramount importance and we’re vigilant about protecting it. Read our complete privacy statement here.

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