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This book highlights the complexities and diversity of the local aspect in European cultural policies.


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Can 800 million Europeans share a common political identity ?

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, almost all the countries in Europe have come together within the Council of Europe. They have expressed their determination to share common values such as respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, while defending cultural diversity. How can we devise a common political strategy that will cement states together and link the identities of the 800 million people represented within the Council of Europe? (more...)
Bringing human rights to life in the classroom
The Council of Europe has published a new teaching pack for secondary schools entitled ''The European Convention on Human Rights - starting points for teachers''.This teaching pack contains five basic information and ten sheets with suggestions for classroom activities. For more information, see

Walter Schwimmer welcomes FRY moves towards national minorities protection
Walter Schwimmer welcomed moves by the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to accede to the Councilís Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities Ė and commended FRYís non-violent reaction to tensions in southern Serbia. (more...)

Council of Europe stresses its support for democratic reforms in Yugoslavia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Chairman of the Council of Europeís Committee of Ministers, Latvian Foreign Minister Indulis Berzins welcomed clear progress made by the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Bosnia and Herzegovina towards democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights, and stressed the Organisationís continuing support for reforms in the two countries, which are candidates for Council of Europe membership. (more...)

The Council of Europe and the European Union join forces to reform the legal media framework in Serbia
The Council of Europe and the European Commission, through the European Agency for Reconstruction which implements EC assistance, have just signed an agreement on a Joint Initiative to assist the Serbian authorities with the adaptation of the legal framework in the media field in Serbia. This one-year Joint Initiative, which is the first of this nature in the media sector between the two institutions, will be implemented as from April 2001. (more...)

Anti-torture committee visits Chechen Republic
Visiting the Chechen Republic from 19 to 23 March, the Anti Torture Committee focussed on the current situation, looking at the treatment of people deprived of their liberty and following up issues raised during previous visits to the Northern Caucasus in February, March and April 2000. (more...)

Death penalty in the USA: visit by Assembly rapporteur
Renate Wohlwend, rapporteur on the abolition of the death penalty for the Parliamentary Assembly, is making an official visit to the United States from 29 March to 6 April. She is preparing a report on the death penalty in Japan and the USA, both Council of Europe observer states. (more...)

The Secretary General Presents ''Pro Merito'' medal to Robert Parienti
Secretary General Walter Schwimmer has presented the ''Pro Merito'' medal to Robert Parienti, a French public relations specialist and the Council's Goodwill Ambassador for scientific cooperation for peace. (more...)

Walter Schwimmer meets Max van der Stoel
Walter Schwimmer met OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities Max van der Stoel in the Organisationís headquarters, where Mr van der Stoel held an exchange of views with the Ministersí Deputies. (more...)

Meeting the Challenge of Linguistic Diversity
Concerted action is needed to nurture and encourage Europeís rich heritage of linguistic diversity. This is the conclusion of the conference on 'Linguistic Diversity: A Challenge for European Cities and Regions' at Rovinj, Croatia on 22-23 March 2001. (more...)

Inauguration ceremony of the Belgrade Offices
A touch of spring and sunshine accompanied the inauguration ceremony of the Belgrade Offices of both the OSCE and the Council of Europe on 16 March. Together with the OSCE Chairman-in-Office, the Romanian Foreign Minister, Mr Mircea Geoana, and the Yugoslav Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs, Goran Svilanovic, Secretary General Walter Schwimmer participated in the opening ceremony of the Council of Europe's Belgrade outpost which Walter Schwimmer described as premises that ''will soon become the House of Europe, and, therefore the Yugoslav peopleís own house''. (more...)

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