Populous™: The Beginning

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Playable Demo
Conquer twenty-five worlds and achieve your destiny - become a god!

Size: 18.3 MB

Minimum Requirements: P133, 16MB, Windows® 95/98, DirectX™ 6

Supports: Direct3D™ Features: 3 single player levels, 1 multiplayer mission, free play on the Populous Website.

FTP: populousdemo.exe - from

Download times: 28.8K: 96Min. 56K: 48Min 128K:21Min

Required Utilities: DirectX 6.0

Due to the enormous demand for the Populous Demo that the whole gaming world is raving about, you may not be able to get straight through to our own FTP server. Feel free to try one of our friends below.
FTP: Populousdemo.exe - From
28.8K: 96 Min. | 56K: 48 Min. | 64K: 42 Min. | 128K: 21 Min.
Download the Populous: The Beginning demo
(populousdemo.exe, 18.3M) estimated time: 14.4Kbps - 4 hrs 28.8Kbps - 107 mins 56Kbps - 53 mins
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