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March 30, 2001 - WEF Amateur Show
March 29, 2001 - MMA in Mississippi
March 28, 2001 - Pride 13 Review/Pictorial
March 28, 2001 - Gladiator Challenge 3 Card
March 27, 2001 - Pride 13 on PPV
March 27, 2001 - Bushido 2
March 26, 2001 - WEF Upcoming Event
March 26, 2001 - Corrections and Copyright Notice

March 25, 2001 - eYada Schedule
March 25, 2001 - RITC 26 Results
March 25, 2001 - Pride 13 Results
March 24, 2001 - Pride 13 Tonight!
March 23, 2001 - Pre-Pride Guy Mezger Interview
March 23, 2001 - UFC 31 Rumors
March 22, 2001 - Sinosic UFC 30 Backstage Pics
Archived News

03-30-01 11:00 am PST
WEF Trials Savannah, GA - Circle of Truth!

The WEF returns to Georgia on Saturday April 7, 2001 for the Circle of Truth. The last trials event in FL was hailed as the best amateur card ever assembled! Now the WEF brings its trials event to the Georgia National Guard Armory for a stellar show that will bring the house down. The card, featuring, some of the best fighters from GA, FL, TX, and SC. is filling up fast but the WEF is still accepting applications for the trials! If you are an amateur looking to fight please fill out an application ASAP! Main event will be:
UFC, Pride veteran Anthony Macias vs. WEF Hook-n-Shoot veteran George Allen.

- Event: Circle of Truth- WEF trials
- Date: Saturday 4-7-2001
- Venue: Georgia National Guard Armory - 1248 Eisenhower drive, Savannah, GA 31406-3918
- Doors Open: 6:00pm
- First Bout: 7:00pm
- Price: Tickets $20 at the door. No advance ticket sales.

Submitted by Roberto Martinez, Promotions Asscociate World Extreme Fighting

03-29-01 10:00 pm PST
Mixed Martial Arts Action in the Deep South

The IFFA proudly presents: SOUTHERN IMPACT II at the Brickhouse Club in Hattiesburg, MS on Friday, April 13th. This will be an action packed card filled with the up and coming amateur talent of the southeast region.
Featuring referees Rich Clementi and Big John Dixon.

  • David Benefield (Slidell, LA) vs. Chris Gates (Memphis, TN)
  • Charles Church (Memphis, TN) vs. Grady Hurley (Mississippi)
  • Brent Toon (Oklahoma) vs. Fiti Pese (Hawaii)
  • Aaron Williams (Ocean Springs, MS) vs. Marc Knowles (Dallas, TX)
  • Aaron Benard (Oklahoma) vs. Vincen Salvador (Ft. Walton Beach, FL)
  • Ryan Cook (Ft. Walton Beach, FL) vs. TBA
  • Michael Kinslow (Hattiesburg, MS) vs. TBA
  • Plus 3 more MMA matches as well as the second edition of Tough Man Competition.

The promoters are still looking for a few fighters in the following weight ranges: 190-200 lbs, 135-145 lbs, 165-175 lbs

For more info contact: Rob Braniff Xtreme Entertainment at 985-847-0660

03-28-01 11:15 pm PST
Pride 13 Review and Pictorial

Just 3 days ago Dream Stage Entertainment held it's 13th Pride, Pride FC - Collision Course. This card included some great matchups, including Dan Henderson vs Renzo Gracie, Mark Coleman vs Allan Goes, and Vanderlei Silva vs Kazushi Sakuraba. Ken Shamrock was scheduled to face Igor Vovchanchin, but Tra Telligman took Shamrock's place on short notice as Shamrock injured his neck. Interestingly, Telligman's match with Vovchanchin turned out to be one of the most interesting one of the night.

Pride 13 brought a slew of rule changes to the table, designed to end a "deadlock" situation and make the fights more exciting. They included more faster warnings for stalling, and also they allowed kicks and knees to a fighter on all fours. Previously these techniques were not allowed.

Pride 13 contained 8 matches - 2 submission, 4 KOs or TKOs, and 2 judges decisions. The only fights that went past the first round were the 2 decisions.

Was it the rules that made this Pride so exciting? Was it the fighters? Read our Pride 13 Review and Pictorial to find out for yourself.

Click here for the full Pride 13 Review and Pictorial.

03-28-01 4:15 pm PST
Gladiator Challenge 3

April 7, 2001
Doors Open: 5:30pm, Fights start: 7:00pm
Soboba Casino Hemet,CA

The Gladiator Challenge events are becoming a favorite of Sherdog's. They are similar to King of the Cage, and always have quite a talent pool on the card to fight. We're not just talking local talent, either. Many competitors in the Gladiator Challenge have fought in the UFC, King of the Cage, and Pride. Just check out the pics from the last 2 Gladiator Challenges

Gladiator Challenge 1
Gladiator Challenge 2

The complete card is as follows:

  • Amir Rahnavardi vs Gab Beauperthy
  • Mark Tullius vs Mark Smith
  • Maurice "MoDoom" Wilson vs Joe Stevenson
  • Rocko Henderson vs Quentin Jackson
  • John Torres vs Antonio McKee
  • Shannon Rich vs Dave Hesquardo
  • John Allessio vs Jason Brudwik
  • David Harris vs Anderson Soarez
  • Jake Sheilds vs Tracy Hess
  • Mike "Rhino" Bourke vs Eric Klepper
  • Matt Anderson vs Paul Zilius
  • Mondo Sanchez vs Sergio Villa

03-27-01 2:30 pm PST
Pride 13 on Pay Per View

Pride 13 will be aired on Pay Per View in North America. Many people are saying this Pride was the best Pride event ever, dethroning the reinging champ Pride 10. You definately won't want to miss this Pride on PPV.

Pride 13 will be on PPV as Pride FC "Collision Course" by DirecTV, Dish Network, Bell Express VU, and Viewer's Choice Canada.

DirecTV Schedules
Premiere: April 6 (Fri) 9:00pm - 12:00am, 12:30am - 3:30 am (EST)
Replay: 4/9(Mon), 4/11(Wed), 4/14(Sat), 4/22(Sun), 4/26(Thu), 4/27(Fri), 4/28(Sat), 4/30(Mon)

Dish Network Schedules
Premiere: TBA
Replay: TBA

Bell Express VU Schedules (Channel 701)
Premiere: April 13 (Fri), 8:00pm & 2:00am (EST)
Replay: 14(Sat), 20(Fri), 22(Sun), 11:00pm & 2:00am

Viewer's Choice Canada
Premiere: April 13 (Fri), 9:00pm (EST)
Replay TBA

03-27-01 9:15 am PST
Upcoming Event - Bushido 2

The Warriors Return! Frank Shamrock's BUSHIDO, Downtown Phoenix on Saturday April 21st at The ICE HOUSE - 429 West Jackson (4th Avenue & Jackson Street). Doors open at 5:30, Fight starts at 7pm. Buy tickets online at

  • Roger Neff vs Sam Sotello
  • Yves Edwards vs John Alessio
  • Pete Spratt vs Shartank fighter TBA
  • Kelly Dullanty vs David Harris
  • Shannon Ritch vs Mike Kellis
  • Sunshine Fettkether vs Holly Holmes
  • Rainey Martinez vs Tyler Brooks
  • Rob Wooden vs Ivan Sequet
  • MoDoom vs Dan Rizzuto
  • Michael Buell vs Danny Daniels
  • and many more...

Special Announcer- Bruce Buffer, "the voice of the Ocatagon"

Guest stars will include: Tito Ortiz, Ricco Rodriguez, Don Frye, Rafiel Torre, Eddie Millis, Eddie Bravo and Frank Shamrock. Tickets are $25 for General & $50 for VIP. To purchase tickets online go to

Submitted by Janine Jordan.

03-26-01 10:00 pm PST
Upcoming Event - World Extreme Fighting - Redemption In The Valley

Event: Redemption in the Valley
WV Promoter: Ron Tucker
Event Sponsor: WEF, Jamie Levine, President
Event Date: Saturday, April 21, 2001
Place: Wheeling Civic Center, Wheeling, WV
Time: Fights start at 7 p.m.
Tickets go on sale March 28 at
Web Site:

Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Comes To West Virginia
Mixed Martial Arts cage fights will rock the Wheeling Civic Center, Wheeling, WV on April 21. Fourteen matches will take place in a steel cage. Internationally acclaimed no-holds-barred champion, Dan "The Beast" Severn will face-off against Jonathan "Lock 'n Load" Wiezorek as the main event. Pittsburgh native and cage-fight veteran Eric Hibler will take up the challenge against Richard "Mad Man" Crunkilton in a featured bout, and the night's super fight will feature Din "The Dominator" Thomas.

There are few rules and lots of action inside the cage. Fighters may use any form of hand-to-hand combat which may include boxing techniques, kicking, elbow and knee strikes and wrestling techniques. Matches are won by knockout, by one of the fighters giving up (signaled by the contestant "tapping out", that is tapping on the mat), by the referee stopping the match, or by the judges' decision.

Fights are generally three four-minute rounds. Title fights are longer. The few rules that are part of the contest prohibit the fighters from eye gouging, groin strikes and biting.

Even though it is easy to follow the action, the fighters are extremely skilled and do whatever it takes to win or just survive.

Area contestants include the Pittsburgh, PA Practical Fighting Concepts camp: Eric Hibler, Andy Cooper, Cris Custer, Don Kaecher and Bill Vucick. Other area contestants include West Liberty's own Brandon Lee Hinkle challenging Rich Franklin, the IFC Heavyweight Champion and WEF veteran with a 6-0 record all by kick-to-the-head knockouts. Todd Carney, Moundsville, will take on Charles "Crazyhorse" Bennett of Florida in a much-anticipated rematch. Ron Tucker of Moundsville is matched against Kevin "Hulk" Hogan, and Weirton's Jeff Wales Vs Josh Raferty. Gwen Wood, 7-time WV Toughwoman contest champ, will also step into the cage.

Card is subject to change.

03-26-01 1:15 pm PST
Corrections and Copyright Notice

We recently made two errors in our daily news section. First, we reported incorrectly a fight from the recent 2 Hot 2 Handle show in Holland. We stated that Fatih Kocamis defeated Ed de Kruiyf by decision in a Muay Thai bout. In fact, Fatih Kocamis defeated Ed de Kruiyf 1R 7:00 by KO in a Mixed Martial Arts bout. We apologize to to Fatih Kocamis and Ed de Kruiyf for this error, it occured between the telephone and the keyboard.

Second, we mispelled Igor Vovchanchin's name in our Pride 13 results (we spelled it "Vovchacnhin"). We apologize to Igor Vovchanchin for this error.

We have corrected both errors.

It is also brought to our attention that at least one other Mixed Martial Arts website is cutting and pasting our information verbatim, and posting it into their daily news section as contributed by a member of their staff. We were alerted to this because their "contributions" contains the exact errors as we noted above, while another source was credited. We realize this mistake was not done with malicious intent, and have notified the webmaster of the offending website.

The information on this website is (c), and may not be copied without our permission. We have very lenient policies with our news and pictures, and frequently grant permission to most people who ask for it. So before you cut and paste and pass it off as your original work or results, ask us for permission.

03-25-01 2:45 pm PST
eYada Schedule

Eddie Goldman talks with Pancrase star Nathan Marquardt on Monday, Tony Martinez (the man responsible for the Lion's Den's newfound boxing ability) on Tuesday, Ricco Rodriguez on Wednesday, and Ken Shamrock on Friday.

Click here for this week's eYada Schedule.

03-25-01 1:30 pm PST
Rage in the Cage 26 Results - Dewees Defeats Leininger by Decision

Pride 13 and Rage in the Cage 26 took place on the same eventing. Pride results can be found here. Brausa Academy 18 year old sensation Edwin Dewees earned a hard fought decision over highly respected MMA veteran Christophe Leininger in the Main Event. These two warriors battled on nearly equal terms for the entire match with Edwin prevailing for his 11th consecutive RITC victory. Watch for Edwin to compete in KOTC 8 next month. The Super Fight between Homer Moore and Kauai Kuphiea had the house rockin' with several standing ovations as both participants landed numerous "bombs" throughout the fight. A crowd of nearly 2,000 enjoyed 19 action packed fights in a super smooth RITC production that went off exactly as planned. Special guests included Todd Medina, Chris Brennan, Romi Aram, Zane Frazier and former boxing champion Michael Carbajal.

The Todd Medina NHB Fighting Team went 2 - 0 for the evening and the Brausa Academy posted an 8 - 1 - 1 record. The brings the Brausa Fighting Team record to 101 - 11 - 1 over the past 13 events maintaining their 90% win rate.

Click here for the full results.

03-25-01 12:01 am PST
Pride 13 - Collision Course Results

We are updating the Pride 13 results live tonight, as they happen. The card is as follows:

Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Vanderlei Silva
Igor Vovchanchin vs. Tra Telligman
Mark Coleman vs. Allan Goes
Renzo Gracie vs. Dan Henderson
Heath Herring vs. Sobolev Denis
Guy Mezger vs. Egan Inoue
Vitor Bellfort vs. Bobby Southworth
Masaaki Satake vs. Tadao Yasuda

Click here for the results.

03-24-01 4:00 pm PST
Reminder - Pride 13 Tonight!

Just a reminder, Pride 13 starts in about 8 hours. There's a live internet broadcast, instructions are here. If you don't want to fool around with all that techno stuff our chatroom is likely to be full of people again.

If you'd like more information on who's fighting who, read the Pride 13 Preview. It's full of pictures, fighter histories, predictions, and more.

03-23-01 10:15 am PST
Pre-Pride 13 Interview with Guy Mezger

Brian Piepenbrink speaks to the always colorful Guy Mezger at the San Diego Lion's Den, where Mezger was training hard in preparation for his upcoming Pride 13 fight against Egan Inoue. Once again, Mezger lets it fly as he discusses his upcoming fight with Egan Inoue, and his past fights against against Sakuraba and Ortiz, how stablemate Tra "Trauma" Telligman is going to do in Pride against the hard-hitting Ukrainian Igor Vovchanchin.

Click here for the full interview.

03-23-01 9:30 am PST
UFC 31 Rumors

UFC 31, set for May 4, 2001, only has one fight officially announced - Pedro Rizzo vs Randy Couture. However, we've heard a few rumors from reliable and anonymous sources. For the record, this information did not come from anyone employed or associated with Zuffa, Fertita Enterprises, or the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Mark "The Titan" Kerr will likely be returning to the Octagon May 4 against Pete "El Duro" Williams. Pete Williams recently competed in King of the Cage 6 and King of the Cage 7, where he KOd Roger Neff and forced Rick Mathis to throw in the towel between rounds. He's also trimmed down quite a bit from his UFC days, and those who remember the "not so ripped" Pete Williams who fought Mark Coleman in the UFC will see quite a different body shape. Mark Kerr recently fought in DSE's Pride 12 (December 2000), where he lost a decision to Igor Vovchanchin in overtime. Many people feel that Kerr should have been given the decision before the overtime, which would have ended the match before the overtime.

Pat Miletich will likely defend his lightweight crown against Carlos Newton. Newton is a submissions wizard and will give Miletich all he can handle on the ground, provided it goes there. Newton may be in trouble with Miletich's standup abilities, as it seems a common Miletich Martial Arts tactic to keep the fight standing when your opponant wants to take it to the ground (see Uno vs Pulver, Miletich vs Pedineiras).

Shonie Carter, who is 2-0 in the UFC, will likely be facing Matt Serra.

The above three fights are very close to being "official." The following fights have been discussed, but are not as likely as the above fights.

Chuck Liddell may face Kevin Randleman in the middleweight division. This will be Randleman's first time as a middleweight, which is his more natural fighting weight. Liddell is on a roll, taking out wrestlers Paul Jones and ADCC champ Jeff Monsen in his 2 most recent UFC appearances.

Ricardo Almeida (Renzo Gracie JJ) may face Randy Couture training partner Matt Lindland. Almeida competed and won in Pride 12, while Lindland compted and won in UFC 29.

03-22-01 7:30 pm PST
More UFC 30 Pics - Backstage with Elvis Sinosic

"The King of Rock and Rumble" Elvis Sinosic dispatched Jeremy Horn in about 3 minutes in UFC 30 on February 23, 2001. Afterwords, Sinosic attended the post-fight party with loads of different fighters and MMA celebrities, and took pictures to prove that he actually choked out Kevin Randleman and hung out with Frank Shamrock, Tito Ortiz, Mark Coleman, Mark Kerr, Pat Miletich, Bobby Hoffman, and many other UFC competitors.

Sinosic was kind enough to share his pictures with us. Click here for the Backstage with Elvis Sinosic Picture Gallery.

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