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gh Through the Years
Yearly Summary
Scotty punched Luke sending him into the water and on the run with Laura
The young lovers hoped to marry, but of course, Jeff was already married to Heather, who had been committed to an institution. However, Heather soon emerged from her delusional state, faked catatonia and escaped from Forest Hills Sanitarium! With fierce determination, she headed for the Hardy's where, looking through the window, she saw Anne in Jeff's arms! She returned to the sanitarium, but eventually was released,

At the hospital, Nurse Jessie Brewer found her workday routine interrupted by increasingly regular visits from Dan Rooney, the new hospital administrator. Dan and Jessie devised an innovative "trial marriage" to see if they were indeed compatible. To the amused glances of their colleagues, he would spend his days with Jessie in her apartment and at the hospital -- but would sleep at home!

Still hoping to insure her own inheritance by proving that Monica's baby belonged to Rick, Tracy brought a paternity suit against Monica. Her father, Edward, infuriated with his renegade daughter, drew up a new will -- disinheriting Tracy!

Rick, desperate to claim his son, resolved to tell Alan the truth about his baby's parentage. Of course, Alan already knew this piece of highly volatile news! Lesley supported Rick in his actions, and Monica, terrified of losing her child, begged Lesley to stop Rick from going to Alan. Lesley steadfastly refused. With her heart breaking, Lesley went to the court house to file for a divorce so that Rick could eventually be free to marry Monica.

Believing the truth about his son's paternity was about to come out anyway, Rick went straight to Alan and told him that he and Monica were lovers and that Alan, Jr. was his own son. Alan pretended shock and begged for time to make up his mind regarding what he would do. But Alan knew exactly what he wanted to do! Privately, he vowed that "Rick and Monica will die."

The day of destiny arrived. Believing that Rick and Monica planned to make love, Alan followed them to their waterfront love nest, with gun in hand. As he walked up the steps, fate intervened in the form of a terrific explosion! The force of the blast (caused by an unforeseen gas line break) knocked Alan off the stairs.

Deep in her soul, Laura Baldwin knew she loved Luke Spencer, but she could never admit that fact to anyone. In her desire to free herself from Luke, Laura wrote a letter of release to Luke -- which sounded very much like a love letter! On the day of Jennifer and Luke's wedding, Scotty found it, and, at last, learned the identity of Laura's rapist. Calling Laura a "tramp," Scotty rushed out in search of Luke, only hours before his wedding was to take place on Frank Smith's yacht.

Luke demanded of Smith that the price for marrying Jennifer would be a contract giving him title to his businesses that were not involved in organized crime. The key to getting what he wanted was in Smith's little black book, which contained the names of the key players in the Port Charles mob. Moments before the wedding, Scotty leapt aboard the yacht, and hit Luke in the head with a mighty blow -- sending him overboard, dazed and disoriented, into the water below. Everyone thought Luke was dead, but unbeknownst to anyone, he surfaced on a nearby dock and found Laura standing there. Together they ran off!


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