Over 200,000 American citizens have signed a petition urging Congress to declare breast-feeding a crime. This primitive ritual has continued to be a violation of babies' civil rights, an unlawful, incestuous relationship with mothers that leads to moral decay.

Women who breast-feed enjoy an erotic experience that offensively imposes oral gratification on innocent infants. This reprehensible act teaches children illicit sex that subsequently manifests promiscuity, homosexuality and addiction to cybersex...

  • Open letter to breast-feeding mothers!

  • Citizens Against Breast-Feeding Manifesto

  • Citizens Against Breast-feeding recommends Caesarean delivery whenever possible! Read more...

    Citizens Against Breast-Feeding
    PO Box 55741
    Phoenix, AZ 85078
    New York Office: (212) 330-7675
    Email: banbreastfeeding@hotmail.com

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