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What is Lustre?

Lustre is a new storage architecture that does not follow the block device paradigm. Such software is likely necessary for massively scalable storage area networking and cluster file systems. Two software arenas are expected to benefit from this architecture:

  • Clustering
  • Storage management

The name Lustre is an association of Linux and Clusters: a central target in our project is to build a next-generation cluster file system.

This project is closely linked to the CMU NASD project and to the T10 OSD working group proposal. (See also the typical use scenarios.)


12/20/00 OBD software ported to Linux 2.4
11/10/00 SUN World has paper on Lustre
More news.

This site.

On this WWW site you'll find more information about this architecture as well as Open Source Linux software components of a storage management and cluster architecture which we have implemented with the object based storage.

All software that is available here is licensed under the GPL. At present all software is alpha quality, experimental code.

Software available now.

  • An object based device driver that speaks to an ext2 formatted object store
  • An object based file system
  • Control and management software
  • A logical object driver to manage snapshots of ext2 file systems.


  • An extension of the object storage API to provide journal recovery interfaces
  • Hig performance SAN client and target mode drivers for Lustre
  • A scalable cluster file system to meet requirements like those put forward by SGPFS.

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