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   Planet Duke | About | Staff
    PlanetDuke Staff

Planet Duke is run by a dedicated staff who are responsible for the general coolness of the site. We'll strive to keep PlanetDuke one of the biggest and the best Duke sites you can find. We would love to hear what you have to say about PlanetDuke or the entire Duke Nukem community, so feel free to drop us an e-mail at feedback@planetduke.com!


L U C K Y - Site Director

Lucky's been on the PlanetDuke staff since the site's inception, and, as such, knows what cool schtuff needs to be even cooler! Lucky enjoys Versace, telling people what to do, and making l33t features. If you have a question about PlanetDuke. drop him a line at Lucky@planetduke.com!


K I N S K I - News, Forums

Kinski, upon escaping prison, found work on PlanetDuke, where the very same "talents" that got him locked away in the first place make him a valuable team member. Well, either that, or he's a German Duke fan, and as such, likes to fritter away his life by playing Duke Nukem 3D. Contact him here!


M R . B L O N D E - News, Forums

Charlie "MrBlonde" Palmer's hobbies include being 0wn3d by Lucky at Half-Life, coding incredibly useful scripts for the site, and - obviously! - t4lk1n9 5m4q in the ph0rumz. That, and he's the dude responsible for making sure Duke 3D news is always fresh and sexy! You can send him your panties here!

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