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Permanent link to archive for 3/31/01. Saturday, March 31, 2001

Today will be a sports day after we a little work around the house. This afternoon its the Wings vs. the Flyers. Then tonight it's the Final Four.

Detroit Free Press: "He said he might "dupe" people into thinking one thing and then do the other. No one will know in advance which goaltender will start a game. "You can take that to the bank," Bowman said. " Do you get  feeling there is a game inside the game between Scotty and the press?


Permanent link to archive for 3/30/01. Friday, March 30, 2001

I use Blogger for my Pocket PC log and right now it is down, so I can't do any posts there. A lot of people seemed to jump the Blogger ship when Pyra had their great purge. That combined with new hardware significantly improved performance over there, so I decided to stick with Blogger rather than switch to Greymatter.

Update: 3 PM EST, Blogger is now up.

General Paranoyaxc Software If you are coming to Windows CE from a Unix background, this page will be useful to you as you will find some Unix tools here proted to Windows CE.

Is bloatware really a problem, or just something we like to bitch about?

Permanent link to archive for 3/29/01. Thursday, March 29, 2001

Back to the future? Much of what I read of people's reaction to Hailstorm is that it is a step back to the day when mainframes ruled. One of the things that I think people are overlooking in all of this is that Hailstorm may not be targeted primarly at personal computers, but rather at appliances like cell phones and PDAs which don't have a ton of storage space and which can benefit more from a central server.

And isn't it Sun who told us that the computer was the Internet? Is there much difference between what Sun was saying then and what Microsoft is suggesting now? And what about Oracle? Larry would love you to buy a network appliance, now where do you think all the data that you use with such an appliance is stored?

I have found that My Simon has a very large list of places selling my book.

I was pretty sure I met scoble. Now I know he has... he's an MVP.

Permanent link to archive for 3/28/01. Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Microsoft pre-announces vaporware and their competitors complain to the DOJ and State Attorney Generals. How does something that doesn't even exist affect AOL/Time-Warner? This is getting old very fast.

I see that Hungry Minds is also hurting. Perhaps they wouldn't have such problems if they had published Brian and Tom's book.

Here is a good article on 802.11b networking. I will soon be joining the ranks of those who are doing 802.11b as I have a Lucent Orinoco RG-1000 kit on order. I am looking forward to seeing how much faster it feels compared to the Proxim Symphony HomeRF stuff I am currently using.

Permanent link to archive for 3/27/01. Tuesday, March 27, 2001

On Wednesday the U.S. Supreme Court will be hearing New York Times vs. Tasini. This case is an argument between publishers and freelance writers over who owns the rights of their work, and whether publishers can re-publish their work without providing additional compensation to the writers. There are similarities between this and the Napster case. For example, Osborne/McGraw-Hill owns the copywrite to my book. But also in the contract is a royalty rate that they pay me for each book sold. However, there is nothing on the contract for electronic forms of publication, one way or the other. In fact, I recall asking about that and was told they really didn't have a ebook area for their contracts. So the question is, does a contract in which they get the copywrites to the work but only identifies specific forms of selling the book to compensate free the publisher from not compensating me when they decided to post the work on the web? Personally I think the only way a writer of words or music can get around this is by not using a middle man. That means publishing on the web.


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