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3DO's On-Line Privacy Policy
The 3DO Company and its subsidiaries (“3DO”) respect the privacy rights of our online visitors and are committed to protecting the information collected about you. We have adopted a corporate-wide Online Privacy Policy that guides how we collect, store and use the information you provide. Please note, however, that this privacy policy only applies to and to those Web sites maintained by 3DO (listed below), but not to our international affiliate, When you link to the or to any other sites from the 3DO Web sites listed below, the 3DO privacy policy no longer applies and 3DO does not control the activities of those sites.

This privacy policy tells you:

  • Exactly what personal information may be collected and by what means;
  • Whether information is collected from children under 13;
  • Who, if anyone, is collecting your personal information;
  • How this information may be used, including with whom, if anyone, it might be shared;
  • The consequences, if any, resulting from your refusal to provide personal information;
  • How you can access and, if necessary, change the personal information a company collects and maintains;
  • How a company ensures data security, quality, and integrity; and,
  • Where and how to ask questions or file complaints.

If you have any questions, complaints, or comments regarding our privacy statement or policies, please contact 3DO’s Webmaster at or at (650) 385-3000.

This privacy policy currently applies to the following Web sites operated by 3DO:

In addition, 3DO owns several other domain names, such as, that point to the Web sites listed above. Please note that this policy applies only to sites maintained by 3DO or its subsidiaries, and not to Web sites maintained by other companies or organizations to which we link. Further, 3DO may also employ third parties who may collect personal information on 3DO's behalf. In such cases, the third parties will be instructed by 3DO to comply with this privacy policy as set forth herein.

Collection of Information
3DO may request and collect information from you if you wish to: (1) join our community (message boards), (2) register for a warranty through Equifax, Inc., (3) get free e-mail services through Chek, Inc., (4) download games from 3DO Pipeline, (5) participate in one of our surveys, (6) sign up for automatic notification of new press releases, (7) enter sweepstakes or contests that we may hold, (8) submit a product support request, and/or (9) purchase from our online store. The requested information may include personal information such as your name, e-mail address, telephone number, mailing address and valid credit card number. In addition, 3DO may collect demographic information such as age, gender, number of games and platforms you own, game types you like, magazines you read, online games you play, and the reason you purchased a particular game.

Whatever the activity may be, we will only collect information to the extent deemed reasonably necessary to fulfill your requests and our legitimate business objectives. If you do not want to submit personal information when requested, you may not be able to participate in certain activities on 3DO. However, you do not need to provide personal information to 3DO in order to use our Web sites.

Information Usage and Distribution
The information you submit to 3DO is used to notify you about new products, contests, features and enhancements, special offers, upgrade opportunities, and other events of interest. We also use your personal information for our internal marketing and demographic studies, so we can constantly improve our sites and products to better meet our customers’ needs.

The information you provide is collected and used by 3DO. From time to time, however, 3DO may employ third-party vendors, such as Equifax, Inc. and Chek, Inc., to collect personal information on 3DO’s behalf. These third parties may operate some of the services we provide you including online warranty registration, free e-mail service and product fulfillment. When requesting these services, you may be asked to supply your name, birthdate, gender, and zip code and country in which you live. Although these third-party vendors, not 3DO, collect the personal information you provide when requesting such services, 3DO still requires that all third parties adhere to 3DO’s stated privacy policies. This means that third-party vendors employed by 3DO, such as Equifax, Inc. and Chek, Inc., will not sell or share your personal information to other third parties without notifying you of this at the time of collection and giving you the option to “opt out.”

Please note that third-party vendors also sell products and services via advertising on the site and their privacy policies may differ from those of

In addition, 3DO allows for the online submission of resumes. Please note that the personally identifiable information collected from a resume is not subject to this privacy policy. However, we want to assure you that any personally identifiable information obtained from your resume will be used solely for the purpose of accepting and evaluating a candidate’s submission for a job posting.

Third Parties
3DO may share your personal information with third-party companies and organizations not employed by 3DO because we believe they offer products or services of interest to you. If another company other than 3DO is collecting your personal information, you will be notified at the time the information is collected. If you do not want your information shared, you can choose not to allow the transfer of information by not using that particular service or by not providing any information at that time.

Cookies and IP Addresses
3DO uses cookies on its Web site. A “cookie” is a small bit of record-keeping information that Web sites often store on a user’s computer. Cookies do not include people’s names, e-mail addresses, or other information that is personally identifiable; they are used only to quickly identify your computer, saving you the time you would normally spend registering or entering your password again. In addition to using cookies to save time, 3DO may use cookies to retrieve user information for promotional and marketing purposes.

We do not keep track of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. An IP address is a number that is used by computers on the network to identify your computer every time you log on to the Internet. We can and will, however, use IP addresses to identify a user when we feel it is necessary to protect our service, site, customers, or others.

Because you may not want us to collect your personal information, we will always offer you the option to “opt out” of: (1) sending us your personal information, (2) having your personal information shared with third parties, or (3) receiving e-mails and mailings about our products and services. In addition, after having provided your personal information, if you wish to have it removed from our database, you can do so by sending an e-mail to, by calling the 3DO Webmaster at (650) 385-3000, or by sending a fax to (650) 385-3179.

Children Under 13

Parental Consent
Children under 13 cannot participate in online activities that require registration without first obtaining prior verifiable parental consent. A copy of our permission form can be found at The parental consent form must be signed by the child's parent and returned to 3DO. This can be done by faxing the parental consent form to (650) 385-3179 or mailing it to Webmaster, The 3DO Company, 100 Cardinal Way, Redwood City, CA 94063.

We urge parents to instruct their children to never give out their real names, addresses or phone numbers, without permission, when using the Internet. Once we have obtained parental consent, we only ask the child for information that is reasonably necessary for the child to participate in our online activities. Parents also have the ability to consent to the collection of their children's information without consenting to the disclosure of that information to third parties.

Parental Access
If you believe that any of your child’s personal information is inaccurate, or if you wish to verify the information we have in our records, please contact the 3DO Webmaster by phone at (650) 385-3000, by fax at (650) 385-3179 or by e-mail at We will check and update information as appropriate. Please include the e-mail address you used when registering (child's e-mail address) with your request.

Teenagers (Ages 13-17)
We will only collect personal information from a child over 12 and under 18 after we have given notice to the parent via e-mail.

Safeguarding Your Personal Information
To protect your personal information, we maintain appropriate safeguards to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of the information you have provided. These include, among other things, limiting access to such data to those employees performing a legitimate business function; technical security measures, such as encryption or passwords, to prevent unauthorized access; and the storage of data on secure servers or computers inaccessible by modem.

Links to Other Sites
You should be aware that when you are on 3DO’s Web site, you could be directed to other sites that are beyond our control. There are links to other sites from 3DO’s Web sites that may take you outside our service. We cannot guarantee that the privacy policies of these Web sites meet our high standards and the requirements of the ESRB Privacy Online Program. As always, we recommend reading the privacy policy of any new site you go to online.

Review, Correction and Removal of Personal Information
If for any reason you wish to view, correct or delete the personal information collected about you, please contact us at, and we will be happy to review, update or remove information as appropriate. For access to our message boards for purposes of reviewing or correcting personal information about you, log in, click the “Profile” tab at the top, and then click the “Edit Profile” button to view or change your personal information.

Questions and Comments
Any questions or complaints about or this privacy statement can be resolved by contacting The 3DO Company at (650) 385-3000, via e-mail at, or by writing to 3DO Webmaster, 100 Cardinal Way, Redwood City, CA 94063.



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