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Please note: This catalog contains only a portion of the materials available at the San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum. Not yet included in the catalog are such materials as our musical theater recordings, photographs, and thousands of files on performers and companies. If you do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact the reference librarian by letter, fax or phone.
If calling, please phone when the library is open.

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About PALM

The San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum (SF PALM) is a research library and archive dedicated to collecting, preserving, and making available materials about the live performing arts with special emphasis on the San Francisco Bay Area. SF PALM is located in the heart of San Francisco's Civic Center area at 401 Van Ness Ave. on the fourth floor of the Veteran's Building. The library's holdings , which are non-circulating, include books, periodicals, playbills, clippings, photographs, posters, sheet music, plays and libretti, radio interviews, videotapes, musical theater recordings, theatrical design research materials, costume and set designs, the archives of several local organizations, and the personal papers of Bay Area performers and patrons. Some organizational papers and video tapes are restricted or require written permission prior to viewing, Appointments are recommended, but not necessary, for research and video viewing.


  • Wednesday 11pm-7pm
  • Thursday - Saturday 11am-5pm


401 Van Ness Ave,
Rm 402
San Francisco, CA 94102

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Phone: (415)255-4800
Fax: (415)255-1913
e-mail: info@sfpalm.org

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