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This is a balloon you will encounter in D3: Mercenaries. While it looks neat, it will shoot mega missiles at you! ;)

Soupe Du Jour: My Name
Normally, I'm not the kind of person to write something about myself, but I think that the last straw has finally been pulled, and I'm preparing to enter a beserker rage.

I really have to ask this question.... What is so difficult about getting my name properly spelled? It seems pretty easy. Take the word, "flame," capitalize it, and make it plural to come up with, "Flames," then tack the word "blue" on, and capitalize the first letter, as you would with any other name.

What's my gripe over? The number of ways that something so simple gets so screwed up. Simple things like the plural part get screwed up (BlueFlame), they put a space between the words (Blue Flames), they fail to capitalize (blueflames), or the do all of the above (blue flame). What's the problem? Did someone rip out your 's' and shift keys? Perhaps your space bar sticks? Or do you really go to the extra effort to tick me off?


(Once more, that's a capital 'B', a capital 'F', no spaces, and an 's' at the end.)
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How to win at a LAN party
Descentia 2001 Mapping Contest
Want CTF with that Shaker?
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GameSpy 3D 2.52
Dark Wolf Moves to PD!
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Soupe Du Jour -- 3/29/01 -- In the Beginning

For level, MOD and developer news read the CDC News!
News for Saturday 31st March 2001
How to win at a LAN party - Nebob
7:08am - Community - 4 replies - Post reply

3DAP.com has whipped up an amusing feature, The Top 10 Ways To Ensure That You Win At a LAN. It's somewhat quack-centric, but I'm sure that can be overlooked. [/me ducks from flying boulders].

News for Friday 30th March 2001
Descentia 2001 Mapping Contest - Asrale
12:47pm - Descent 3 - 6 replies - Post reply

Aspiring level designers, lend me your ears! I'd like to announce the Mapping Contest for Planet Descent's Descentia 2001!

Contest Guidelines

Make an Anarchy-only (or Team Anarchy) level, for a single Descent specifically, be it 1, 2, or 3. D1 levels have no special requirements. For D2 levels, either water or lava is required, as is at least one Earthshaker. D3 levels must include at least one Black Shark. All levels must feature Planet Descent's logo or one of the official Descent logos in some manner. Submit your final file in an attached ZIP to asrale@hotmail.com. Winners will have the honor of their level being included in the Descentia 2001 Level Pack. Remaining entries will go into a separate pack, "Planetesimals."


Your level must conform within the standard Descent-engine limitations and must not exceed 4 MB (music is not required). More than 2 multiple entries (that is, 3+ maps by the same author) will be disqualified.

Determining Winners and Prizes

Two winning levels for each Descent will be selected, based on the following criteria: available weapons, creativity, gameplay, level design, and aesthetics. To increase your odds of winning, take full advantage of the Descent engine, like such levels as D1 First Strike level 25, D2 Vertigo Series level 5, and D3 Retribution level 4. Prizes have not been determined at this time but will likely include GameSpy swag and/or Interplay swag!

The contest will end on May 11, 2001 at 2400 hours Mountain Time.

Good luck!

News for Thursday 29th March 2001
Want CTF with that Shaker? - Asrale
10:22pm - Level/MOD - 1 replies - Post reply

If the idea of CTF and Earthshakers sounds cool, then check out Underground Shark!

Source: Game Edit

News for Wednesday 28th March 2001
Pic of the Day... - Asrale
9:30am - Internal News - 0 replies - Post reply

As you may have noticed, our Pic of the Day hasn't been working the past few days. Please bear with us right now; Tricord and Ryujin (PD's co-administrator) are hard at work merging PD and D3C. Tricord will probably be getting around to fixing it soon.

News for Tuesday 27th March 2001
GameSpy 3D 2.52 - Asrale
11:17am - Miscellaneous - 0 replies - Post reply

The green spy guys would like to say, "upgrade now to 2.52, or you will be assimilated!"

Dark Wolf Moves to PD! - Bakdraft
5:02am - Internal News - 5 replies - Post reply

This is a little late, but Dark Wolf, creator of Chocobo World, Bahagad Outbreak, The Lost Levels, and numerous other levels is moving to PD! Welcome her to the party.

News for Monday 26th March 2001
New Planetoid - Asrale
10:32pm - Miscellaneous - 5 replies - Post reply

New to the Network is Planet Tony Hawk, for your PlayStation, Dreamcast, or computer needs.

Gates: All your ones & zeroes are belong to us! - Nebob
1:53pm - Descent 3 - 5 replies - Post reply

THIS you've GOTTA see for yourself!

New levels @ Game Edit - Asrale
10:18am - Level/MOD - 1 replies - Post reply

Game Edit has up 3 new levels: Showdown, Moria, and Joust Exhibition Complex. Check 'em all out!

News for Sunday 25th March 2001
Many things in a small place - Nebob
6:56pm - Descent 3 - 1 replies - Post reply

CNET has an in-depth review of Windows XP's second beta release, with focus on performance, stability, and the new Mac OS-ish interface. Lots of screenshots, too.

Gamespot reports about the new AMD Palomino core which will be released at 1.5ghz. They also mention something about AMD's first 64bit processor called the ClawHammer which will come out in early 2002 at 2ghz".

The Moscow Times has posted this article. In one instance ...Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalyov managed to chat to a truck driver on a road in South Africa as he flew hundreds of kilometers overhead in 1992... It's a good article with other funny Mir stories.

Credit: The Penguin Lovers Association of America

Hellchick on John Ashcroft - Asrale
12:45pm - Miscellaneous - 2 replies - Post reply

GameSpy's Caryn "Hellchick" Law sounds off on John Ashcroft's recent blame of electronic games causing the latest school violence. Let's open the can of worms! (again)

News for Saturday 24th March 2001
Starkiller moves up - Asrale
5:16pm - Community - 0 replies - Post reply

Schplurg, webmaster of Game Edit, is unfortunately resigning his duties. Not to worry; Starkiller will be taking his place.

Source: Game Edit

News for Friday 23rd March 2001
Mir: Rest in peace - Nebob
12:38pm - Descent 3 - 0 replies - Post reply

Every once in a while, we are privileged to be witness of an event of such cultural magnitude, it becomes a part of out shared heritage. 1969: Man walks on the moon. 1971: Man walks on the moon... again. Then for a long time, nothing happened. Today, at 12:08 AM EST Mir was given a final, irreversible push towards its final resting place in the southern pacific by Russian ground controllers. Itís contributions to human evolution will never be forgotten. Rest in peace.

There is a thread on the DBB you may want to take a look at.

PC Gameplay Top 10 - Asrale
11:33am - Miscellaneous - 0 replies - Post reply

UK magazine PC Gameplay has put up a list of the 50 most influential PC games ever; they overlooked Descent!

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