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GameFAQs has several features designed to allow its visitors to meet and interact with one other. All you need to join is a valid e-mail address, and you'll be able to post on the message boards or join in the real-time chat.

Please note that the GameFAQs Community features are intended for those aged 13 years and over. We cannot accept members under the age of 13 under any circumstances.

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It only takes about a minute (and a valid e-mail address) to sign up, and you'll be able to post messages on our boards just as soon as you activate your account.

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GameFAQs Message Boards
GameFAQs has over 14,000 message boards, from the general and social boards, to the system boards, to an individual message board for every single game listed on the site. Share your gaming hints, tips, and ideas, or just hang out and chat with other users.

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GameFAQs Real-Time Chat
GameFAQs also has its own IRC server, complete with a Java client for those of you unfamiliar with IRC. You must be a message board user for at least a few days before chatting, but your account activation for chat is automatic.

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