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Welcome to BigBlueBall.com. We're still under development, so I'm a bit surprised you found us at all! We will be officially launching in April, but until then, feel free to kick the tires, join a discussion forum, and most of all, give us your feedback! You can help make BigBlueBall.com a valuable resource for everything about instant messaging, chat and the other web tools that help people connect.
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March 30, 2001
AOL Instant Messenger 4.5 Now Available for Mac OS X Beta

For those of you running the beta release of Apple's latest operating system, OS X, AOL has announced the availability of a version of AIM specifically designed for you. It's not quite complete yet, but the basic chat functionality is intact, and it uses the new OS X "Aqua" interface (which may or not be cool to you!).

March 22, 2001
Stock Trading via IM?

Well, it was only a matter of time. Reuters and Microsoft have joined forces to develop an instant messaging platform for the financial services industry that could eventually lead to trading stocks by instant messages. Yes, they plan to make it even more convenient than ever before to lose money.

March 20, 2001
TELUS Mobility Sets AIM Free!

AOL Canada Inc., one of Canada's leading interactive services companies, and TELUS Mobility, one of the leading national wireless providers in Canada, today announced that AOL's popular AOL Mobile(SM) services will be available to customers using Web-enabled phones on all TELUS Mobility digital networks across Canada.

March 20, 2001
Verizon Wireless Offers Yahoo! Messenger

Verizon Wireless announced that they will begin offering Yahoo! Messenger to their wireless web subscribers, allowing them to send are receive instant messages using their cell phone.

March 19, 2001
Net2Phone Beats the Street!

Net2Phone, which allows you to place long distance phone calls from your PC to a regular phone, beat Wall Street projections and moved closer than expected to profitability. So what, you ask? Well, this is good news for you and I, because it means they may just survive...and we will still be able to place FREE long distance phone calls! If you haven't checked it out, it's built-in to both MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger, or you can learn more at www.net2phone.com.

March 19, 2001
Yahoo! Games Expanded

Yahoo! Games has expanded their site to include support for PC and console games. If you use Yahoo! Messenger, you can find friends online and join them in the gaming action. New content providers include GameSpot, GamePower, and IGN.

March 16, 2001
MSN Messenger: The Top Instant Messaging Service?

Microsoft issued a press release claiming that MSN Messenger was the "most-used instant messaging service in the world." This according to data released by Media Metrix Inc. that shows that MSN Messenger nad more that 29 million unique users last month. A very timely press release, considering the Hailstorm that's coming.

March 12, 2001
IM: Instant Money?

Teen users and mobile devices are likely keys to early efforts by AOL Time Warner to make money directly from its instant messaging technology.

February 26, 2001
Ad Banners Invade ICQ

America Online has quietly begun implementing the ability to display ad banners with the popular ICQ instant messaging service. Currently, the banners that stretch across the messaging window contain tips and tutorials for ICQ, but AOL has clearly stated that this is the first step towards selling advertising in those same spaces.

February 16, 2001
Business Gets The Message

Not long ago, instant messaging was the communications mode of choice for chatty teenagers. Now the simple application that allows real-time exchange of short text messages has found more grown-up pursuits in government and corporate offices. [From The Industry Standard]

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