Teliesyn is a film and television production company based in Wales producing innovative, quality programming in challenging formats for the UK and international programme markets. On the drama front we are currently producing a major political drama series for S4C which explores Welsh Labour Party Politics over the last twenty years; the conflict between integrity and ambition, nationalism and socialism. Our factual productions include a documentary series for BBC Wales marking the centenary of the Labour Party , along with historical drama documentaries for S4C. Our film activity continues to flourish with 'Cruel Silence' a 30" 35mm theatrical film funded by HTV, Sgrîn and the Arts Lottery.

Teliesyn's past successes include major network history and education series shot back-to-back in Welsh and English for Channel 4, BBC2 and S4C namely 'Cracking Up', 'Writing on the Line', 'Reel Truth', 'Excaliber' and 'Hughesovka' - All winners of BAFTA Cymru Awards for Best Documentary / Drama-Documentary. The diversity of programme-making includes Music and Entertainment programmes featuring the wealth of Welsh music talent, 'Gwerin y Werin' and 'Heather' for S4C.

Teliesyn producers are motivated by their interests in culture and identity, social issues, women and being on the edge! Examples of our productions that exemplify these interests include:-

Answering Back: (12 x 30 min for BBC Wales). Video Letters exchanged between two members of the public with opposing views on a burning social issue.

Men! (6 x 30 mins for BBC Wales). A series which anticipated the current hot debate about the changing role of men in society.

Erotica (1 x 50 min for S4C). A controversial documentary which sought to identify the dividing line between the erotic and the pornographic in art and literature.

Codi Clawr Hanes (12 x 30 min for S4C). A series about the untold stories of women in Welsh history. A BAFTA Cymru award winner.

Whodunnit? (3 x 30 min for HTV). An historical detective series which used original sources to turn the tales on so-called 'historical fact'.