Linux is a versatile operating system for home and commercial users. However, Linux users quickly notice one major problem: it's difficult to administer. The solution to this problem is the Caldera Open Administration System (COAS).

The purpose of the COAS project is to improve the way users administer their Linux systems. To improve the system, each administration tool will include multiple interfaces. The system will also let users choose the administration tools they want to use, and the tools will be flexible, powerful, and easy to use. Learn more about the COAS project by reading these reports: Lizard, the Linux Installation wiZARD, is Caldera Systems' award winning graphical installer. Caldera Systems is contributing this key technology back to the Linux community. Caldera Systems open sources OpenLinux 2.3 for Sun Microsystems' SPARC and UltraSPARC-based systems

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Welcome to was created for Linux developers interested in the open source projects related to the OpenLinux distribution. On this site you will find source code, whitepapers and mailing lists for the various projects. In short, everything you need for participating in the development or simply getting a detailed idea about a projects internals.

Although the projects hosted up to date were all initiated by Caldera Systems, we would also be happy to host other open source projects. Please email if you would like your project hosted on
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