This page is simply an archive of my X-Files fanfiction. I've divided it up into three sections: Miscellaneous Fanfic (Xfiles, vignettes, longer stories), Series (longer, multi-part stories), and Antiquated X (some of my first endeavors). If you have trouble accessing a story, please feel free to contact me and I'll send it to you directly.


Runaway is at last completed. I left this one more open than I usually do, because I may want to pick it up again (maybe next summer). But is complete as is. There are Offspring references, but if you haven't read that one you won't be lost, this one stands alone. Thanks again to everyone who stuck with it!

**8/2000** I had some fun with Photoshop, as you can see. I'm trying to create a dust jacket for Runaway, something that will symbolize the idea that they've created life ( in this case with light), but it still needs some work. I welcome any ideas! When I'm done I will offer Runaway as one large text file as I did with Spell, and will (eventually!) with Offspring.


1/2000 Still workin' on that Offspring fill-in chapter. Still only a few notes in my word processing program :-) Check back from time to time as no doubt I will eventually get around to finishing one of the many stories cluttering my hard drive *g*

More stories to come... as always, thanks for your patience, and please continue to stay tuned! And if you want me to get more free time to work on writing, you'll have to take it up with The Bosses(*updated 8/2000*)


Ever wonder what Lily looks like? Meet my inspiration (my God-daughter)

(3/98) Having lunch with The Boss... well, at least HE gets to eat ;-)



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  Pine Bluff Variant- Missing Scene

The Sound Of The Shell

What Remains




Day One: The Embrace

Day Two: Wicked Garden

Day Three: Sin

The Offspring

The Offspring 2: Without a Trace

The Offspring 3: Challenge

The Offspring4: Flying

The Offspring 5: Words

The Offspring 6: Escape

The Offspring 7: Getting To Nowhere

The Offspring 8: Illusion

The Offspring 9: Rewards

The Offspring 10: Strange

The Offspring 11: Fractures

The Offspring 12: Falling To Pieces

The Offspring 13: Brother Wolf, Sister Moon

Offspring Epilogue: Exile


Runaway 2

Runaway 3

  Runaway 4

Runaway 5

Runaway 6

Runaway 7

Runaway 8



Spell 2: Fair Play

Spell 3: The Secret

Spell 4: Black

Spell 5: Circle

Spell 6: New

Spell 7: Safe

Spell 8: Turbulence

Spell 9: Outrunning Past

Spell 10: Believe

Spell 11: Demons

Spell 12: Truth

Spell 13: Getting There

Spell 14: Snapshots

Spell: Samantha

Spell: Loki



Natasha has Spell in its entirety as one large text or zip file at her Novel Archive--complete with dustcover and mini-review (she was very kind)! Just click on the picture and the link will take you there.

Photo by Erin, manipulated by yours truly (with permission)



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