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BiT-Technologies Case Giveaway!

To mark the launch of our new 'UK Only Case Gallery', in association with Cool Case Mods we have a great pre-modded case to give away!

Cold cathode lights!

The best case light ever made!!! once again we bring you a UK Exclusive!!!!

Project- 7 of Nine

Project:: 7 of 9 (Part 1) We Are Borg. Life As You Know It Is Over. Your Technological And Biological Distinctiveness Will Be Added To Our Own. Resistance Is Futile!

Blue Floppy Mod

This mod was done at the request of many viewers, Its very easy but can go wrong if you dont take care!!!!

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Case Comp
by Moose
Mon 2nd Apr 2001 @ 23:57:39
It is my pleasure to announce that we have finally come to a decision, as to which persons will walk off with our great prizes.

Around about one month ago, we decided that it would be interesting to see what sorts of modded cases existed in the UK, and what better way to entice people to send in their pics to populate the gallery, or even make a mod to sent it, than to have a give away! and what better prize is there for a case comp than a great modded case!

Over the past month, we've had an influx of cases... 38 in total, and we would like to hope that the figure will continue to increase! With all these great cases, it was a lot more than *hard* to choose who will walk away with the prizes. There's been a broad range of cases submitted, some with the 'regular' stuff, but never the less a great mod, and more novel things, such as re mounted PSU's, outlines of women carved out of case sides, and so on.

With this hive of fab modding, we found it hard to single out particular cases, hell, in a perfect world we'd like to give all entrants a prize, but right up to the 11th hour we've been deliberating, and have finally come to a decision. Suspence killing you? Click below to find out what you want to know!

Pre-Modded Cases
by Moose
Sat 31st Mar 2001 @ 20:01:12
Seen all the *great* cases in our ever expanding Case Gallery? Getting depressed at your white brick of a PC sitting next to you? Have all the modding ability of an elephant, or maybe don't have the time or the confidence? Perhaps cost is the issue...

Cool Case Mods have now extended their Pre-Modded case range, and you can pic up one of the little beauties for as little as £62, so head over there now and check the range out!

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