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We've all seen the images on TV, whether we're old enough to have viewed them
the first time around or not. Bull Connor unleashing attack dogs and fire hoses on
black children in the streets of Birmingham. Marchers being attacked on the bridge
to Selma as white crowds stood by and jeered. "Whites Only" signs on water
fountains, on bathrooms, on waiting rooms, on Bibles used to swear in witnesses
to testify in courts, on institutions for the blind. And Martin Luther King
telling us he'd been to the mountaintop in Memphis, days before an assassin's
bullet ended his life.

We see all these events, all this marching and praying and working and
living and dying, building steadily to one goal. Increased civil rights for
African-Americans in the United States, and, by extension, for us all.
One of the jewels in the crown was the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

We all want to believe that the passage of this act meant something,
something conclusive. The bad old days of massive disenfranchisement are past.
Gone forever. African-Americans have the same right and the same opportunity
to vote as anyone else.

Or do they?

Could vote fraud have happened in this election, in the year 2000?

I have both discovered and uncovered evidence that it could. This document sums up
everything I have learned so far, but should in no way be construed as complete.
It concentrates on the events in Tennessee, because my state has received no
major media coverage whatsoever (although I include links to more information about
possible vote fraud in other states.) It will be updated, if necessary, daily.

Your reactions on reading it may be the same as mine. First shock, and then
incredulity ("This is just too much to believe! It can't be true!") Let the
evidence make up your mind. But I must warn you-- there is no going back from
what you will learn. Like me, you may be haunted, and profoundly changed, forever.

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The Evidence to Date in Tennessee

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The Evidence to Date

On November 11, 2000, the national NAACP conducted a hearing about
discriminatory practices surrounding Election Day in Florida. Over 6,000 people
had called their office with reports. The names of properly registered citizens
disappeared from precinct rolls. Registration forms were mysteriously
"never processed." African-American voters were singled out for
"criminal background checks." 12,000 voters were cut from voting rolls by
being mistakenly identified as felons, and a totally disproportionate number
of these voters were African-American. Black voters who requested absentee
ballots and never received them weren't permitted to vote when they went to
the precinct in person on election day.African-American, Haitian-American,
and Puerto Rican-American voters were denied assistance at the polls,
assistance they were legally entitled to. African-American voters weren't
told that their polling place was closed and weren't directed to the new
polling place. And so on, and on. Similar reports came from:

States With Evidence of Vote Fraud

Nope, Not All in the South

North Carolina South Carolina Kansas Texas
Georgia Mississippi New York New Jersey
Illinois Missouri Virginia West Virginia
California Washington Pennsylvania Louisiana
Michigan Iowa (Yes, Iowa!) Florida, of course And Tennessee

So maybe it shouldn't have surprised me-- although it did-- when I began to
hear and see information coming out of my home state, Tennessee. I guess we
all want to think it can't happen where we live.

The Tennessee Voter Empowerment Team met on November 17th to
discuss the information they'd been receiving.
According to evidence gathered by me, NAACP branches statewide,
the Tennessee Voter Empowerment Project, Nashville Pride,and
the Tennessee Tribune, vote fraud may have happened here.
Here are the reports that have been received, keeping in mind
that you must insert the word "reportedly" in front of each one: