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Welcome to the 1999 Bandai World Yo-Yo Competition Page!

Above: The top five winners of the AA Division: Left to right: Paul Han, 4th Place; Koji Yokoyama, 2nd place; Takumi Nagase, Champion; Masaya Shimazaki, 3rd Place; Alan Batangan, 5th Place. All are members of Team High Performance (THP).

NEWS: Watch your local Fox Kids station this Saturday (Sept 11) at 7:30 a.m. Pacific time 8:30 a.m. Eastern time (but check your local listings for exact times) to see Fox's coverage of the 1999 World Yo-Yo Competition!

Friday, August 20 Highlights

  • Record Breaking Attempt
  • Demonstrations

Saturday, August 21 Highlights

  • World Rankings
  • Advanced division competition
  • BC Challenge
  • Precision Team division competition
  • Mega Team division competition

Sunday, August 22 Highlights

  • 1A & AA divisions competition + Freesytle Finals
  • Winners announced for all divisions

MPEG Movies of Freestyle Routines

Newly updated
8/30: 5 AYYA records and Longest Sleeper record set on 8/21; minor corrections
8/30: 1A & AA scores adjusted back to complete listings
8/27: MPEG movie page added
8/27: Winners photo added to Advanced Division scores
8/27: Corrections to scores in 1A and AA divisions; scoresheets also simplified
8/26: Photos added to Division AA finalists
8/26: Photos added to Division 1A finalists
8/26: Megateam scoring breakdowns added
8/26: Photos links of The Birdies and Mirage Boys added to 8/21 Highlights
8/25: Megateam photos available in Saturday Highlights and in Final Scores (Sunday Highlights)
8/25: Links to images for Day One; World Ranking list now available
8/25: Correction to names; fixed link error on Sunday scores
8/24: Final scores: Precision Team, Mega Team, Advanced Division, 1A Division, AA Division (see Sunday higlights)

Check back often as we will update the pages with more information and photos!


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