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AUDIO: Oh No It Isn't
    · With Nicholas
AUDIO: Beyond the Sun
    · With Sophie Aldred       and Anneke Wills
AUDIO: Walking to

    · With Elisabeth
AUDIO: Birthright
With Colin Baker
AUDIO: Just War
    · With Stephen

AUDIO: Buried Treasures
· Limited Edition
    · Special Collection
    · Two Adventures
  · Paul Cornell

NOVEL: The Dead Men Diaries
    · September 2000
    · Edited by Paul
    · Short story
AUDIO: Dragons' Wrath
    · With Richard
NOVEL: The Doomsday Manuscript
    · November 2000
    · by Justin Richards
AUDIO: The Secret of Cassandra
    · by David Bailey
NOVEL: The Gods of the Underworld
    · by Stephen Cole








A Few Words from the Creator...

I'm astonished and pleased that Bernice lives on. As an author, it gives you the weird feeling that whatever happens to you doesn't matter anymore, because your character still prospers. It's probably a bit like being a Dad. My daughter is in good company, she seems to be doing well, and her friends are all very kind. Big Finish are keeping her in the style to which she's accustomed.

- Paul Cornell

Last Update: 30 January, 2001

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The Latest News...

The Underworld Revealed
30 January, 2001

Stephen Cole's novel, The Gods of the Underworld, is now available. All subscription copies have now been sent out and should be with subscribers in the next few days.

Benny Price Reduction
10 December, 2000

We are announcing a price reduction in back stock for the Bernice Summerfield range. To bring them in line with the price of our latest release (Dragons Wrath) Oh No It Isn't!, Beyond the Sun, Walking to Babylon, Birthright and Just War will now be available at £9.99 including p&p (£11.50 overseas). In addition, we are offering new fans the chance to catch up with Benny's adventures with a special offer on these first five releases - £40.00 including p&p (a saving of £9.95 or five for the price of four!). Overseas price £47.50 including p&p.

If you want to test the water with Benny's adventures, then we have a very limited supply of cassette versions of Oh No It Isn't! and Beyond the Sun which we will be selling off at £2.99 including p&p. Check out the Ordering page now to order.

3 December, 2000

Take a look at the cover art for January's new Bernice novel, The Gods of the Underworld by Stephen Cole, the second in the series of new, full-length novels.

Bernice sets out to unearth the Ancient Argian oracle which, she hopes, will help her track down her missing lover.

Stephen Cole's previous work for Big Finish has included the Dalek Empire audio drama, The Apocalypse Element, starring Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor. The Gods of the Underworld is Stephen's first Bernice Summerfield adventure.

15 November, 2000

Check out the new cover art for the forthcoming The Secret of Cassandra, the first in the new range of original Bernice Summerfield audio adventures.

Guest starring along side Lisa Bowerman in The Secret of Cassandra is Sally Faulkner who recently appeared in the Big Finish Doctor Who audio drama, Winter for the Adept. The Secret of Cassandra is also the debut production for script writer David Bailey.

26 October, 2000

Yes, we can hardly believe it ourselves, but after a series of unfortunate delays (see below), Dragons' Wrath is finally out and all pre-orders have been dispatched. Dragons' Wrath is the last of the Benny plays to have been adapted from a novel. Starting with December's The Secret of Cassandra, all future Benny audio dramas will be completely original tales.

19 August, 2000

Big Finish Productions would like to apologise to everyone who has waited so patiently for the final audio in our first 'Season' of Benny audio dramas, Dragons' Wrath, based on the novel by Justin Richards. As some of you may be aware from information on our Doctor Who webpage, Dragons Wrath fell victim to a number of post-production difficulties and delays beyond or control. This situation has been rectified and right now the final tweaks to the edit and sound design are being made and we anticipate the music tracks being laid down over the next couple of weeks. All being well, Dragons' Wrath will finally see release during September. Because of the alarming delay, we've also opted to bring the packaging into line with our newest Benny ranges and we will have a final cover up on these pages soon.

19 August, 2000

Fans of Lisa Bowerman's excellent portrayal of Benny in our earlier audio drama adaptations of the Virgin novels will be pleased to know that she will continue to play the part in our new releases. Whereas the older CDs were adapted from the Virgin novels, all our new audios, starting with The Secret of Cassandra, will be brand new and specially written for the audio medium adventures.

19 August, 2000

Once again Big Finish Productions apologise for the delay in getting Benny back up to speed, but rest assured, now she is back and here to stay.

Big Finish Productions is JASON HAIGH-ELLERY and NANCY HINE. The adventures of Professor Bernice Summerfield are produced by GARY RUSSELL and JASON HAIGH-ELLERY. Bernice Summerfield created by Paul Cornell and used under licence.

Contact Big Finish Productions for all audio inquiries at

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Coming Soon 
NOVEL: The Squire's Crystal
    · 23 April 2001
    · by Jacqueline
AUDIO: The Stone's Lament
    · 8 May 2001
    · by Mike Tucker
AUDIO: The Extinction Event
    · 11 June 2001
    · by Lance Parkin
NOVEL: The Infernal Nexus
    · 30July 2001
    · by Dave Stone
AUDIO: The Skymines of Karthos
    · 3 September 2001
    · by David Bailey

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