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I have created a similar page for Windows 95: Windows 95 System Updates

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Since Microsoft has already abandoned the Update Information Tool (introduced with Windows 95 Service Pack 1), I cannot use the same definition for what makes an update a system update as I did on my Windows 95 System Updates page. In addition, none of the Windows 98 updates I have seen so far have the QFE SpecialBuild signature that was used for several Windows 95 system updates. So I have decided to consider all updates labelled critical updates on Microsoft's Windows Update site to be Windows 98 system updates.

Windows 98 system updates also lack an update code as the Windows 95 system updates have (such as UPD980323B1). And what also lacks, is a consistent name for the updates. For instance: oepatsp1.exe is called Microsoft Outlook Express "File Attachment" Security Update on the Microsoft Windows Update site, Microsoft Outlook Express "FileAttachment" Security Update within the registry; it identifies itself as Microsoft Outlook Express Update when it is run, and within the setup information file that is used to install it (oepatsp1.inf), it is called Outlook Express 4.01SP1 Update. Since the Microsoft Windows Update site is the place where the updates have to be obtained from, I have decided to use the names used there.


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Recent changes to the Windows 98 System Updates page
12-Jun-1999 Added note 12.
Updated notes 7 and 9.
Updated most of the links.
Updated the highest known version numbers of most files.
08-Jun-1999 Updated note 7.
Updated the links to msjavx86.exe.
Updated the content listing of msjavx86.exe.

All system updates available for Windows 98
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Thank you!

Before e-mailing me to tell me that some of the links on this page do not work, please read note 10 below!

For those who want to quickly update their system with all the available system updates, I have made a convenient Update download list that does not contain redundancies.

For those interested in the exact contents of all the updates, please take a look at my Windows 98 System Updates Contents list.

The updates below are listed in chronological order, oldest first.

Last modified on 12-Jun-1999

UPDATE NAME   DATE OF UPDATE  Name on the Microsoft Windows Update site
Download here
oepatsp1.exe  19980806  Microsoft Outlook Express 'File Attachment' Security Update
1130304 INETCOMM.DLL 4.72.3155.0 5.0.2314.1300
MSIMNUI.DLL 4.72.3120.0 4.72.3120.0
WAB32.DLL 4.72.3155.0 5.0.2314.1300
ie4jsn.exe    19980825  Microsoft Internet Explorer 'Cross Frame Navigation' Security Update
1830752 MSHTML.DLL 4.72.3509.100 5.0.2614.3401
Download here
scr31.exe     19980831  Microsoft Internet Explorer 'Window.External JScript' Security Update
ie4usp.exe    19981014  Untrusted Scripted Paste Issue
1831712 MSHTML.DLL 4.72.3510.1400 5.0.2614.3401
Download here
ie4dia.exe    19981021  'Dotless IP Address' Security Update
380160 URLMON.DLL 4.72.3510.2000 5.0.2314.1003
ie4soc.exe    19981113  Update for 'Untrusted Scripted Paste' Issue
1841440 MSHTML.DLL 4.72.3511.1300 5.0.2614.3401
Download here
y2k.exe       19981204  Windows 98 Year 2000 Update
COMCTL32.DLL 4.72.3611.1900 5.80.2314.1000
DOCPROP.DLL 5.0.1897.1 5.0.1897.1
MSADCE.DLL 1.5.2125.0 2.10.3711.0
MSDADC.DLL 1.50.9801.0 2.10.3711.2
oainst.exe    19981218  OLE Automation Fix
477448 ASYCFILT.DLL 2.40.4268.1 2.40.4275.1
OLEAUT32.DLL 2.40.4268.1 2.40.4275.1
OLEPRO32.DLL 5.0.4268.1 5.0.4275.1
STDOLE2.TLB 2.40.4268.1 2.40.4275.1
Download here
3214.exe      19981218  Internet Explorer 'Frame Spoof' Security Fix
1844552 MSHTML.DLL 4.72.3612.1700 5.0.2614.3401

Note 1  --  Last modified on 21-Sep-1998
The contents of oepatsp1.exe are binarily identical to those of the oepatsp1.exe update available for Windows 95.

Note 2  --  Last modified on 17-Nov-1998
When installing updates trough the Microsoft Windows Update site, it is possible to retrieve a copy of the update itself. So, for instance, when installing the 'Dotless IP Address' Security Update from the Microsoft Windows Update site, it is possible to actually get your own copy of ie4dia.exe. Here is how to get a copy of updates listed on the Microsoft Windows Update site:

Go through the entire installation through Microsoft's page up to the point where the message is displayed stating that the computer needs to be rebooted for the changes to take effect. Do not click anything yet in the box with the aforementioned message, but open an Explorer window and look for a hidden directory called msdownld.tmp. I have not yet figured out the exact criteria, but I found that sometimes this directory is created in the C:\WINDOWS directory, and sometimes in the root directory of some other (in case you have more than one) hard drive. You may even have several directories with that name. Inside the "correct" msdownld.tmp, there is a directory with a strange name consisting of letters and digits and ending in the extension .tmp (for instance: AS5847A9.tmp). Note that there may be several of these directories; inside the "correct" one is where the update can be found. Copy it to some other directory, close the Explorer window, and finally click Yes to reboot.

Note 3  --  Last modified on 17-Apr-1999
When using the above links to directly download the updates, please realise the following:

Note 4  --  Last modified on 11-Mar-1999
ie4jsn.exe, ie4usp.exe, and ie4soc.exe are no longer required; they have been made redundant by 3214.exe. The oldest two of these redundant updates, namely ie4jsn.exe and ie4usp.exe, do not seem to be available for download from Microsoft anymore.

Note 5  --  Last modified on 30-Jan-1999
The contents of ie4dia.exe are binarily identical to those of the ie4dia.exe update available for Windows 95.

When I downloaded ie4dia.exe a while ago, it was 380200 bytes in size. The currently available ie4dia.exe is 380160 bytes in size. All the files inside the two versions are binarily identical. The only differences between the two ie4dia.exe files are the URL and name inside it that are used by VeriSign. In the old version, "Dotless IP Address Security Update" points to, whereas in the new version, "Dotless IP Address Patch" (note the difference in the name) points to, which is a bit strange, because (1) the old name is the name still used on Microsoft's Windows Update site, and (2) the old URL points to a page that still exists, whereas the new URL points to a page that does not exist.

Note 6  --  Last modified on 17-Apr-1999
Some of these updates can also be identified through the About box in Internet Explorer. Following the "Update versions:" entry in the About box, a number of update codes may be listed, for example:

Update versions: ;SP1;2636;2735;2922;2958;3142;3214;3283;

Unfortunately, if the line containing this list becomes too long, it will be truncated, so the latest codes will not be visible then. One way of seeing the entire line is by using version 1.20 or higher of my Tweaking Toolbox for Windows utility. Look for the IE update versions entry on the Information tab.

Here is a list of which codes correspond to which updates. Note that updates that are not listed here do not add a code to the "Update versions:" line in Internet Explorer's About box.

Note 7  --  Last modified on 12-Jun-1999
There is one update missing from the All system updates table above. The Microsoft Windows Update site calls this update Microsoft virtual machine, and it has the filename For a while, this update was not listed by itself on the Microsoft Windows Update site, but seemed to piggyback on other updates. For example, some time ago, downloading just ie4soc.exe from the Microsoft Windows Update site could cause this to be downloaded and installed as well. More recently, a newer version of piggybacked on y2k.exe for a while. On some systems, this did not happen, apparently because it was not necessary, but I have not been able to figure out the criteria. At present, as hinted above, this update is available by itself from the Microsoft Windows Update site (again, in a newer version), but since it is distributed as a .cab file, it is less easily installed than other updates, and that is why I have not listed it. The easiest way to get the latest version of this update is by downloading the Microsoft Java VM installer (for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT 4.0), which can be downloaded separately from:

For more information about Microsoft virtual machine (Microsoft Java), see:

As mentioned above, there have been several versions of, and the same goes for msjavx86.exe. Actually, there have been a lot of versions. To find out which version you have, go to your \WINDOWS directory, and run the file wjview.exe. A window called "WJView Help" will pop up and the first line in that window will read something like:

Microsoft (R) Command-line Loader for Java  Version 5.00.3181

The number formed by the last four digits in the version number give the build number, so in this example, the build number is 3181 (which presently is the latest version).

The more recent versions of both and msjavx86.exe also include a copy of the oainst.exe update, so when installing or msjavx86.exe, there is no need to download and install oainst.exe separately. Note that the latest version of msjavx86.exe contains a newer version of oainst.exe than the one that is available for download from the Microsoft Windows Update site!

Note 8  --  Last modified on 23-Dec-1998
The dates in the System updates for Windows 98 list above are in YYYYMMDD format (Year, Month, Day), so, for instance, 19980806 stands for August 6, 1998. The date assigned to an update is the date of the most recent file (usually the .INF file that contains the install information) inside it.

Note 9  --  Last modified on 12-Jun-1999
All the updates listed on this page are meant for the US-English version of Windows 98. Those who are running non-US-English ("localised") versions of Windows 98 should be very careful when installing updates listed here. Several updated files have US-English texts in them, so your version of Windows 98 may suddenly start showing some things in US-English instead of in the "correct" language, or even worse things may happen. From the feedback I have received so far, it seems that the US-English version of y2k.exe causes problems when installed on a non-US-English version of Windows 98.

In order to obtain localised versions of updates, start with the URL for the US-English version of it, and then replace the language code (en) by the language code of your choice, and the cabdate code (cabYYYYMMDD) by the corresponding cabdate code for that language according to the table below. For instance, the URL for the English version of ie4dia.exe is:

Using the table below, we then find the following URL for the French version of ie4dia.exe:

languagelanguage codecabdate code

To make downloading localised versions of updates more convenient, I have created the form below. Just choose a server, a language, and a filename, and then click the Download button to start downloading! The "Resulting URL" is shown for informational purposes only; editing it does not have any effect. Many thanks to Matthias "Maddes" Bücher for letting me use his idea!

As noted below this form, not all updates may be available for a given language...

Choose server:
Choose language:
Choose filename:
Resulting URL:

As far as I know, these are the only languages at this point in time for which localised versions of updates are available. Please note that not all updates may be available for a given language. This is all I know regarding localised versions of updates, so please do not e-mail me to ask questions not answered here. In addition, since I do not have access to localised versions of Windows 98, it is pretty hard for me to find out things that pertain only to certain localised versions of Windows 98. For those interested in the list of updates available for the German version of Windows 98, please visit the Windows 98 Updates deutsch (german) page maintained by Matthias "Maddes" Bücher.

Note 10  --  Last modified on 06-May-1999
All the links on this page that point to updates are the same links as those used by Microsoft's Windows Update site. Lots of times I receive e-mails from people telling me that my server is having problems, because some update cannot be downloaded from it. Please realise that if a link temporarily does not work, that it is because of problems with Microsoft's servers, not with my server. I cannot put copies of the updates on my site, because that is not allowed by Microsoft. If you happen to find updates that can be downloaded directly from somebody else's site, then do so at your own risk. Those files have most probably been put there without Microsoft's permission (and would most probably very quickly no longer be there if Microsoft found out) and may not be genuine.

So before e-mailing me, please try to determine first whether the link really has become invalid (usually indicated by a "404" error message), or whether Microsoft's servers are acting up (usually indicated by other error messages). If Microsoft's servers are acting up, then, please, do not e-mail me, because there is nothing I can do about that. Instead, try the alternatives given below, and if it still fails, then try again later.

For alternative download sites, replace winupdate in an update's URL by mschus, mskyus, mssjus, or msvaus. So, for instance, alternatives for

Note 11  --  Last modified on 13-Mar-1999
It has taken a long time (and probably a lot of pressure from angry Windows 98 users), but Microsoft has finally made some updates available for immediate download as opposed to having to go through the Microsoft Windows Update site. For more information, visit Microsoft's Windows 98 Download: Windows Update page:

Note that the above page also offers some of the "other" (i.e. non-critical) updates. As shown in note 9, it is easy to obtain the URL of an update once its name is known. A comprehensive list of filenames of just about all updates available through Microsoft's Windows Update site (so including non-critical updates), can be found on the Windows 98 Updates deutsch (german) page maintained by Matthias "Maddes" Bücher. Even though most of this page is written in German, it should not be hard at all for people who do not speak German to find the comprehensive list of filenames anyway. Just make sure to download the correct version as far as language is concerned.

Note 12  --  Last modified on 12-Jun-1999
For those people who have Internet Explorer 5.0 installed, a lot of the updates are not required. Until I have time to fully deal with IE5, here is how to determine which updates you still need: After installing IE5, compare the file version numbers of the files listed above in the updates table to the file version numbers of the corresponding files on your computer (most of these files can be found in the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory; use the Find function to find the others). You only need the update if one or more of the files listed for that update have a higher version number (as listed in the VERSION CONTAINED IN UPDATE column) than the files currently installed on your computer.

Update download list for Windows 98

Last modified on 12-Jun-1999

oepatsp1.exe (Microsoft Outlook Express 'File Attachment' Security Update)
scr31.exe    (Microsoft Internet Explorer 'Window.External JScript' Security Update)
ie4dia.exe   ('Dotless IP Address' Security Update)
y2k.exe      (Windows 98 Year 2000 Update)
3214.exe     (Internet Explorer 'Frame Spoof' Security Fix)
msjavx86.exe (Updated Microsoft Java VM; build 3181)

Windows 98 System Updates Contents

Last modified on 08-Jun-1999

The contents of the following files are listed:
    oainst.exe (within msjavx86.exe)

1998-08-06 1130304 oepatsp1.exe 4.71.819.0 (4.71.0819.0) 4.71.819.0 (4.71.0819.0) 1998-03-10 13:17:36 72784 ADVPACK.DLL 4.71.819.0 (4.71.0819.0) 4.71.819.0 (4.71.0819.0) 1998-08-06 16:20:56 351504 INETCOMM.DLL 4.72.3155.0 (4.72.3155.0) 4.72.3155.0 (4.72.3155.0) 1998-08-06 16:20:12 1709840 MSIMNUI.DLL 4.72.3120.0 (4.72.3120.0) 4.72.3120.0 (4.72.3120.0) 1998-08-05 13:46:48 1779 OEPATSP1.INF NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1997-11-19 21:54:44 21504 VERINST.EXE NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1998-03-10 13:17:48 2272 W95INF16.DLL 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0) 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0) 1998-03-10 13:17:48 4608 W95INF32.DLL (4.71.0016.0) (4.71.0016.0) 1998-08-06 16:20:32 402704 WAB32.DLL 4.72.3155.0 (4.72.3155.0) 4.72.3155.0 (4.72.3155.0)
1998-08-31 491280 scr31.exe 4.72.2106.1 (4.72.2106.1) 4.72.2106.1 (4.72.2106.1) 1998-03-23 18:50:52 80864 ADVPACK.DLL 4.72.2106.1 (4.72.2106.1) 4.72.2106.1 (4.72.2106.1) 1998-07-02 01:15:26 53520 DISPEX.DLL (3,1,0,3101) (3,1,0,3101) 1998-07-02 01:15:24 484624 JSCRIPT.DLL ( ( 1998-08-31 16:35:48 1816 SCR31EN.INF NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1998-07-02 01:15:26 172816 SCRRUN.DLL ( ( 1998-07-02 01:15:18 335120 VBSCRIPT.DLL ( ( 1998-03-23 18:50:48 2272 W95INF16.DLL 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0) 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0) 1998-03-23 18:50:48 4608 W95INF32.DLL (4.71.0016.0) (4.71.0016.0)
1998-09-02 1830752 ie4jsn.exe 4.71.819.0 (4.71.0819.0) 4.71.819.0 (4.71.0819.0) 1998-08-25 16:09:34 1401 2735.INF NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1998-06-16 11:09:16 72784 ADVPACK.DLL 4.71.819.0 (4.71.0819.0) 4.71.819.0 (4.71.0819.0) 1998-09-02 09:02:58 2413840 MSHT95.DLL 4.72.3509.100 (4.72.3509.100) 4.72.3509.100 (4.72.3509.100) 1998-09-02 10:04:04 2413328 MSHTNT.DLL 4.72.3509.100 (4.72.3509.100) 4.72.3509.100 (4.72.3509.100) 1998-08-20 18:15:54 20480 PREBIND.EXE NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1998-08-20 18:15:54 21504 VERINST.EXE NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1998-06-16 11:09:42 2272 W95INF16.DLL 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0) 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0) 1998-06-16 11:09:42 4608 W95INF32.DLL (4.71.0016.0) (4.71.0016.0)
1998-10-14 1831712 ie4usp.exe 4.71.819.0 (4.71.0819.0) 4.71.819.0 (4.71.0819.0) 1998-10-14 13:14:24 1401 2922.INF NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1998-06-16 11:09:16 72784 ADVPACK.DLL 4.71.819.0 (4.71.0819.0) 4.71.819.0 (4.71.0819.0) 1998-10-14 20:28:24 2413840 MSHT95.DLL 4.72.3510.1400 (4.72.3510.1400) 4.72.3510.1400 (4.72.3510.1400) 1998-10-14 21:23:42 2413840 MSHTNT.DLL 4.72.3510.1400 (4.72.3510.1400) 4.72.3510.1400 (4.72.3510.1400) 1998-10-08 21:43:54 20480 PREBIND.EXE NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1998-10-08 21:43:54 21504 VERINST.EXE NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1998-06-16 11:09:42 2272 W95INF16.DLL 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0) 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0) 1998-06-16 11:09:42 4608 W95INF32.DLL (4.71.0016.0) (4.71.0016.0)
1998-10-21 380160 ie4dia.exe 4.72.3110.0 (4.72.3110.0) 4.72.3110.0 (4.72.3110.0) 1998-10-16 11:44:40 80880 ADVPACK.DLL 4.72.3610.1500 (4.72.3610.1500) 4.72.3610.1500 (4.72.3610.1500) 1998-10-21 11:09:30 1477 EN295886.INF NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1998-10-20 15:49:46 20480 PREBIND.EXE NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1998-10-20 18:34:54 446224 URLM95.DLL 4.72.3510.2000 (4.72.3510.2000) 4.72.3510.2000 (4.72.3510.2000) 1998-10-20 19:26:00 488720 URLMNT.DLL 4.72.3510.2000 (4.72.3510.2000) 4.72.3510.2000 (4.72.3510.2000) 1998-10-20 15:49:46 21504 VERINST.EXE NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1998-10-16 11:44:40 2272 W95INF16.DLL 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0) 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0) 1998-10-16 11:44:40 4608 W95INF32.DLL (4.71.0016.0) (4.71.0016.0)
1998-11-13 1841440 ie4soc.exe 4.72.3110.0 (4.72.3110.0) 4.72.3110.0 (4.72.3110.0) 1998-11-13 12:49:30 1503 3142.INF NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1998-10-16 10:44:40 80880 ADVPACK.DLL 4.72.3610.1500 (4.72.3610.1500) 4.72.3610.1500 (4.72.3610.1500) 1998-11-13 16:50:30 2414864 MSHT95.DLL 4.72.3511.1300 (4.72.3511.1300) 4.72.3511.1300 (4.72.3511.1300) 1998-11-13 16:43:48 2414864 MSHTNT.DLL 4.72.3511.1300 (4.72.3511.1300) 4.72.3511.1300 (4.72.3511.1300) 1998-11-11 20:55:26 20480 PREBIND.EXE NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1998-11-11 20:55:26 24576 VERINST.EXE NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1998-10-16 10:44:40 2272 W95INF16.DLL 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0) 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0) 1998-10-16 10:44:40 4608 W95INF32.DLL (4.71.0016.0) (4.71.0016.0)
1998-12-04 y2k.exe 1282832 4.71.1015.0 (4.10.2000) 4.71.1015.0 (4.10.2000) 1998-12-04 20:00:00 652736 ACTPMNT.OCX ( ( 1998-11-30 17:03:12 74960 ADVPACK.DLL 4.71.1015.0 (4.71.1015.0) 4.71.1015.0 (4.71.1015.0) 1998-12-04 20:00:00 450832 COMCTL32.DLL 4.72.3611.1900 (4.72.3611.1900) 4.72.3611.1900 (4.72.3611.1900) 1998-12-04 20:00:00 68992 DIALER.EXE (4.10.2000) (4.10.2000) 1998-12-04 20:00:00 73728 DOCPROP.DLL 5.0.1897.1 (5.00.1897.1) 5.0.1897.1 (5.00.1897.1) 1998-12-04 20:00:00 933888 MFC40.DLL (4.1.6140) (4.1.001) 1998-12-04 20:00:00 188416 MSADCE.DLL 1.5.2125.0 (1.5.9801.0) 1.5.2125.0 (1.5.9801.0) 1998-12-04 20:00:00 81920 MSDADC.DLL 1.50.9801.0 (1.50.9801.0) 1.50.9801.0 (1.50.9801.0) 1998-12-04 20:00:00 2548 OEMY2K.INF NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1998-12-04 20:00:00 58368 TIMEDATE.CPL (4.10.2000) (4.10.2000) 1998-12-04 20:00:00 55647 VDHCP.386 (4.10.2000) (4.10.2000) 1998-11-30 17:03:12 2272 W95INF16.DLL 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0) 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0) 1998-11-30 17:03:12 4608 W95INF32.DLL (4.71.0016.0) (4.71.0016.0) 1998-12-04 20:00:00 222390 WINBOOT.SYS NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1998-12-04 20:00:00 41472 XCOPY32.MOD NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1998-12-04 20:00:00 15529 Y2K.TXT NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE)
1998-12-18 477448 oainst.exe 4.71.1015.0 (4.71.1015.0) 4.71.1015.0 (4.71.1015.0) 1998-06-16 17:28:18 74960 ADVPACK.DLL 4.71.1015.0 (4.71.1015.0) 4.71.1015.0 (4.71.1015.0) 1998-12-18 13:27:44 147728 ASYCFILT.DLL 2.40.4268.1 (2.40.4268) 2.40.4268.1 (2.40.4268) 1998-12-18 14:37:04 1109 OAINST.INF NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1998-12-18 13:27:46 598288 OLEAUT32.DLL 2.40.4268.1 (2.40.4268) 2.40.4268.1 (2.40.4268) 1998-12-18 14:17:36 164112 OLEPRO32.DLL 5.0.4268.1 (5.0.4268) 2.40.4268.1 (2.30) 1998-07-23 14:18:28 40960 REGTLIB.EXE (6.00.8191) (6.00.8191) 1998-12-18 13:27:10 17920 STDOLE2.TLB 2.40.4268.1 (2.40.4268) 2.40.4268.1 (2.40.4268) 1998-04-21 13:14:18 2272 W95INF16.DLL 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0) 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0) 1998-04-21 13:14:18 4608 W95INF32.DLL (4.71.0016.0) (4.71.0016.0)
1998-12-18 1844552 3214.exe 4.72.3110.0 (4.72.3110.0) 4.72.3110.0 (4.72.3110.0) 1998-11-20 17:37:14 1503 3214.INF NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1998-10-22 06:41:22 80880 ADVPACK.DLL 4.72.3610.1500 (4.72.3610.1500) 4.72.3610.1500 (4.72.3610.1500) 1998-12-18 17:51:52 2422032 MSHT95.DLL 4.72.3612.1700 (4.72.3612.1700) 4.72.3612.1700 (4.72.3612.1700) 1998-12-18 17:32:56 2421520 MSHTNT.DLL 4.72.3612.1700 (4.72.3612.1700) 4.72.3612.1700 (4.72.3612.1700) 1998-11-20 17:48:32 20480 PREBIND.EXE NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1998-12-07 09:50:48 3072 VERINST.EXE NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1998-10-22 06:41:24 2272 W95INF16.DLL 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0) 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0) 1998-10-22 06:41:26 4608 W95INF32.DLL (4.71.0016.0) (4.71.0016.0)
1999-01-13 4550208 NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1999-01-13 11:24:12 45715 JAVA.INF NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1999-01-07 11:39:16 2549050 JAVABASE.CAB NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1999-01-13 11:30:36 133904 JAVATRIG.EXE 5.0.3165.0 (5.00.3165) 5.0.3165.0 (5.00.3165) 1999-01-07 12:12:36 1281430 JAVAX86.CAB NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1999-01-07 09:15:42 472288 OAINST.EXE 4.71.1015.0 (4.71.1015.0) 4.71.1015.0 (4.71.1015.0) 1998-07-20 14:39:14 42496 WFCCLEAN.EXE (1, 0, 0, 3) (1, 0, 0, 3) 1999-01-07 09:19:58 63884 XMLDSO4.CAB NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE)
1999-03-08 472288 oainst.exe (within msjavx86.exe) 4.71.1015.0 (4.71.1015.0) 4.71.1015.0 (4.71.1015.0) 1999-03-08 12:02:26 660 OAINST.INF NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1999-03-08 12:02:26 147728 ASYCFILT.DLL 2.40.4275.1 (2.40.4275) 2.40.4275.1 (2.40.4275) 1999-03-08 12:02:26 598288 OLEAUT32.DLL 2.40.4275.1 (2.40.4275) 2.40.4275.1 (2.40.4275) 1999-03-08 12:02:26 164112 OLEPRO32.DLL 5.0.4275.1 (5.0.4275) 2.40.4275.1 (2.40) 1999-03-08 12:02:26 17920 STDOLE2.TLB 2.40.4275.1 (2.40.4275) 2.40.4275.1 (2.40.4275) 1999-03-08 12:02:26 40960 REGTLIB.EXE (6.00.8191) (6.00.8191) 1999-03-08 12:02:26 74960 ADVPACK.DLL 4.71.1015.0 (4.71.1015.0) 4.71.1015.0 (4.71.1015.0) 1999-03-08 12:02:26 4608 W95INF32.DLL (4.71.0016.0) (4.71.0016.0) 1999-03-08 12:02:26 2272 W95INF16.DLL 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0) 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0)
1999-05-18 6630848 msjavx86.exe 5.0.3181.0 (5.00.3181) 5.0.3181.0 (5.00.3181) 1999-05-18 05:03:28 870112 CRYPTSYS.EXE 4.71.1015.0 (5.101.1699.1) 4.71.1015.0 (5.101.1699.1) 1999-05-18 05:03:28 1228544 DCOM95.EXE 4.71.1015.0 (4.71.1015.0) 4.71.1015.0 (4.71.1015.0) 1999-05-18 05:05:52 233 FILLER.INF NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1999-05-18 05:07:36 46315 JAVA.INF NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1999-05-18 07:50:22 2559266 JAVABASE.CAB NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1999-05-18 07:50:34 99166 JAVAIE30.CAB NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1999-05-18 05:05:52 11403 JAVAPERM.HLP NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1999-05-18 05:05:52 21444 JAVASEC.HLP NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1999-05-18 05:38:10 136976 JAVATRIG.EXE 5.0.3181.0 (5.00.3181) 5.0.3181.0 (5.00.3181) 1999-05-18 08:09:44 1283515 JAVAX86.CAB NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1999-05-18 05:03:30 472288 OAINST.EXE 4.71.1015.0 (4.71.1015.0) 4.71.1015.0 (4.71.1015.0) 1999-05-18 05:05:54 114585 XMLDSO.CAB NONE (NONE) NONE (NONE) 1999-05-18 05:03:32 42496 WFCCLEAN.EXE (1, 0, 0, 3) (1, 0, 0, 3) 1999-05-18 05:00:28 80864 ADVPACK.DLL 4.72.2922.0 (4.72.2922.0) 4.72.2922.0 (4.72.2922.0) 1999-05-18 05:00:36 4608 W95INF32.DLL (4.71.0016.0) (4.71.0016.0) 1999-05-18 05:00:36 2272 W95INF16.DLL 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0) 4.71.704.0 (4.71.704.0)


The following is a list of people who have in some way substantially contributed to this page. Since there are several people who for various reasons do not wish to be included in this list, I do not put people's names here without their explicit permission.

Without the contributions of the following people, this page would not have been what it is today, so my sincere thanks go to:

Matthias "Maddes" Bücher, Joshua J, Nachum Kanovsky, Lance Tempel, and several people who wish to remain anonymous.

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