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E-mail hoax
An E-mail message currently circulating widely on the Internet describes something called the Klingerman virus. This virus supposedly has infected people who have opened packages mailed to them containing a gift from the Klingerman Foundation. According to a page posted on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention web site, this message is false and should not be forwarded. []

Yale-New Haven Hospital's name became attached to this message by mistake. Unfortunately, the hospital's name may have given the hoax message more credibility than it deserves.

If you have received this hoax E-mail, please do not forward it to others and refer those who have received it to the CDC page above.

2000 Best Hospital--U.S. News Online Yale-New Haven ranked among nation's best in 12 specialties.

Health News Service. A brief synopsis of potential story ideas.

News releases

Selected releases to the news media grouped by year from 1995.  

About Yale-New Haven Hospital

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Yale New Haven Health System

Fact sheet

Interesting statistics and facts about Yale-New Haven Hospital and the Children's Hospital.  


A list of areas in which physician, nurse or research experts are available. All interview requests should be made through the Public Relations office.  

Calendar of events

A chronological listing of events and opportunities for the public at Yale-New Haven Hospital and the Children's Hospital.  

Community Service

A brief description of programs and services offered in the community.

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