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House/techno/acid jazz/jungle/ambient/etc


- House, Techno w/DJs Henrik, Carlos, Miquel, weekly guests. free b4 10:30p moved (temporarily?) from 55 Natoma. 10pm-5:30am, 21+, $5. 278 11th St @ Folsom, SF. 415.974.9389

Leopard Lounge - Acid Jazz, Funk & Live Bands. w/DJs Suiki, Jay-J, Anthony, Julius Papp, Mark Farina, guests. 2125 Lombard @ Fillmore, SF. 415.771.2583

Pleasuredome - House w/DJs Neil Lewis, guests. 21+, $8. 177 Townsend, SF. 415.985.5256

Space - House, techno w/DJs Spun, Ryan Tapia, guests. Visuals by Mark Johns.Video and multimedia by Foo-Ku. Sound by EAW. 21+. the Usual, 400 S 1st St, San Jose.

Mix Lounge - techno, house, jungle w/DJs guest DJs weekly. 9pm-2am, . 2513 Van Ness, SF. 415.928.0404

Irtu - acid jazz, funk, rare groove w/DJs Tom Thump, guests. live entertainment weekly 9pm-2am, . 685 Sutter @ Taylor, SF. 415.270.3183

Dub Mission - SF's only dub night w/DJs Sep, J.Boogie, Ludichris, other surprises. 9pm-, 21+, $3. the Elbo Room, 647 Valencia @ 17th, SF. 415.552.7788

Sessions - Deep sounds for your Sunday afternoons w/DJs Jaz, Steve, guests. starts Nov.10, then every other Sunday afternoon 21+, Free. the Hi-Fi Lounge, 14 S 2nd @ Santa Clara, San Jose. 408.282.HIFI

Stumble - Unwind or wind to the finest electronic grooves spanning the whole spectrum of new music. w/DJs JB. 8pm-2am, Free. Edinburgh Castle, 950 Geary (between Polk and Larkin), SF. 415.885.4074

Beta Lounge - live netcast of jungle, dub, breakbeat, hiphop, ambient and experimental w/DJs 3pm-8pm, . 22nd & Mission, above Popeye's, SF.

Strawberry Sundays - house, techno w/DJs Jazz-E, Moda, Norm, Cory, Josh Schwab, guests. 6am- $5. Mission Rock, , SF. 415.635.9183

float - chillin' house beats in a new space w/DJs John Howard, Jason Mouse, Erin (409). 10p-2a, 21+, Free. Liquid, 2925 16th @ Mission, SF. 415.431.8889

true - house w/DJs David Harness, Alain del Corazon, Tim Martinez, Henry, Miquel, Mark Farina. 21+, $5. Cat's Grill, 1190 Folsom @ 8th, SF. 415.431.3332

free party - guests weekly. Anyone who wants to spin is welcome to bring vinyl. This takes place on a rooftop with beautiful views of the bay (it's cancelled if it rains). Email for directions 1:30p-sunset or later, Free. , Berkeley.


Noc Noc - techno/ambient/jungle w/DJs Mohsen. 21+, Free. 557 Haight St., SF.

Khadro - trip hop, jungle, acid jazz w/DJs Felix the Dog, Darkhorse, Tom Thump, guests. 10pm-4am, 21+, $5. Cat's Grill & Alley, 1190 Folsom @ 8th, SF. 415.289.6838

rotation - jazz, hiphop, soul, acid jazz, funk w/DJs racer x, yamu, stef, rasta cue-tip, guests. 10pm-2am, 21+. up & down club, 1151 Folsom St, SF.

mad - trance, electro, old school, minimal, hard, detroit, acid w/DJs Alex, Joe Rice, Monty, Sho, guests. 2$ before 11pm 10pm-2am, 18+, $3. Bahia Cabana, 1600 Market St, SF. 415.281.9432 [4.21 - Alex Empire (DJ) & Shizuo (live) from Digital Hardcore, Berlin]

The Deep End - Experimental ambient lounge w/DJs Leath, guests. for info: 9pm-2am, 21+. the Hi-Fi Lounge, 14 S 2nd Street @ Santa Clara, San Jose. 408.282.HIFI

Monday Night Dinner - a haphazard collection of ravers who get together weekly to properly wind down their weekend or rev their engines for the coming week. w/DJs a different cuisine each week, usually in SF. info on SFRaves or here (when available). Ask for the SFRaves table. after-party at Mad. 8:30p-All ages.


Breathe Deep - serious music for serious dancers w/DJs Jay-J, Ruben Mancias, Miquel, guests. 11pm-5am, 21+, $7. 1015 Folsom., SF. 415.998.9515 [4.22 - J.Sinister (Slip'n'Slide, Kings of Tomorrow)] [5.13 - 2 year anniversary w/Kerri Chandler]

Succotash! - tasty jazz - funk - beats - space w/DJs tom thump, rasta q-tip, paul craven, alex, guests. 21+, Free. up & down club, 1151 folsom st., SF.

Lost in Space - house, hip-hop w/DJs Pause, Dark Money, Winnie B, Eric Lacy. 21+, Free. Cafe Mars, 798 Brannan @ 7th, SF.

Eclectic - house, jungle, drum & bass w/DJs Yamu, Siege, Franko, Foster, guests. Fresh fruit & condoms to all 9pm-2am, 21+. Paradise Bar & Grill, 5356 College Ave, Oakland.

Speakeasy - Good Music. Deep House to Jungle w/DJs Shannon, Mauricio, guests. every other Tuesday 9pm-2am, $2. Coco Club, 139 8th St, SF.

Rhythm - house, techno w/DJs Daniel, Stevian, Mark Willson, guests. 9pm-2am, 21+, Free. Greg's Bar, 551 W.Julian/Montgomery, San Jose. 408.286.4388

Plush - house, jungle, trance, ambient w/DJs guest DJs weekly. 9:30p-2a, 21+, $3. 2708 J St, Sacramento. 916.484.4285

Pure - house w/DJs Brian Brandon, guests. 9pm-, 18+. The Rage, 1890 Arden Way, Sacramento. 916.929.0232

Static - Trance, Drum & Bass, Down Tempo w/DJs ReAch, Quantum, Wonder Bre-ad(C-Lab). 10pm-2am, $2. 2925 16th @ S Van Ness, SF.

sounds - twice monthly midtempo beatdown w/DJs Travis, guests. 21+, $2. the Top, 424 Haight, SF.

ReGrooveANation - house w/DJs Taylor, guests. 21+, Free. 325 1st St, San Jose. 408.427.8148


- House, Techno, Ambient w/DJs Simon, Jeno, Garth. first Wednesday of the month. 10pm-4am, 21+, $7. 1015 Folsom, SF. 415.241.8815

The Lounge - 9pm-3am, 21+. 1401 Arden Way, Sacramento. 916.922.8041x4240

Wish - techno, house w/DJs David Michael, Henrik, Kenneth Sol, weekly guests. 18+. Bahia, 1600 Market St, SF. 415.436.0663

Groove - techno w/DJs Dreamer, Carlos, special guests. 10pm-?, $5. 415.437.6905

Audio Impact - jungle w/DJs Rotating Bass Kru DJs, guests. first and third wednesdays of each month, rotating location. 9p-3a, 18+, $6. 1024 Kearny @ Broadway, SF. 415.332.5800x247

phresh - house w/DJs Jay-J, friends. 10p-2a, 21+, Free. the Top, 424 Haight St, SF.

The Electronicool Happy Hour - Future sounds and phasing light images craMMed into the Happy Hour tradition. w/DJs Spesh, Kimon, guests. 5pm-9pm, Free. 111 Minna Street, SF.

[feminine] PHAT - hiphop, acid jazz w/DJs Charlotte, Stef, R-Pos. 10p-2a, 21+. the Up & Down Club, 1151 Folsom St, SF.

Chrome - jungle, house, hip-hop, funk w/DJs Nasir, Lewis, Miquel, Black. free before 11:30 w/flyer. 10pm-4am, 21+, $5. Transmission Theatre, 308 11th St @ Folsom, SF. 415.908.6710

Eklipze - Digital Cyberave - (Teckno-Industrial) & Goa Trance w/DJs Vection3, Theta Blip, DJ Daniel. $5. 435 Broadway, SF. 415.289.6913

- Champion Jungle Sound! w/DJs Mudfoot, Slider, guests. 10pm-2am, . 917 Folsom St, SF. 415.276.8549

Roots - house, reggae, dub w/DJs Garth, Jeno, guests. + dubmaster Buna in the reggae room 10pm-4am, 21+. 1015 Folsom, SF.


360 @ The Vsf, 278 11th @ Folsom
DJ's Toks, Consuelo, Henry, Mind Motion, Joe Quixx, Rasta Cue-Tip, Tom Thump & more spinning your favorites in Soul, Acid Jazz, Hip-Hop, Jungle 9:30 to 3:00 am

Blow up - future sounds for jazz heads w/DJs Andrew Jervis, Cool Chris, Tomas. 9pm-2am, 21+, $3. Nickies BBQ, 460 Haight. 621.6508

soulvation - acid jazz, hiphop w/DJs Roman, George, Aural B, guests. 10pm-2am, 21+. elbo room, 647 Valencia, 522.2946

Apollo - house w/DJs Pete Avila, Jay-R, guests. free before 10:30 w/flyer 9:30p-, 21+, $3. 1015 Folsom, 905.4209

Phonixs - "sounds never seen" w/DJs Marcus, Chris OST. every other Thursday 21+, $2. the Top, 424 Haight.

f'tumsh! - ambient, techno w/DJs Chuck-roc (Denver 409), Erin. 21+, $2. the Top, 424 Haight 864.4528

Royal Jelly - explorations in creative and social behaviour. Sound experiments in digital rhythm and note fantasies w/DJs guest DJs and live acts weekly. 7pm-, 21+, Free. Liquid, 2925 16th St @ So.Van Ness, SF.

Milk and Honey - Pollywog, Felix the Dog, Mei-Lwun. 21+. 111 Minna St, SF.


- House w/DJs Pete Avila, David Harness, guests. 9:30pm-7am, 21+, $10. Sound Factory, 525 Harrison @ 1st, 543.1300

Soul'd Out - spinnin' the hard and soul of house w/DJs Julius Papp, Rick Preston, guests. free before 10:30 9pm-, 21+, $5. Hi Fi Lounge, 14 S 2nd St @ Santa Clara, San Jose.

Liquid Fridays - House w/DJs various DJs. 10pm-2am, 18+, Free. 2721 Broadway, Sacramento. 916.484.4285

Nikita - house, techno w/DJs Jeno, Simon, Henrik. Zendada starts at midnight 10pm-6am, 21+, $10. 1015 Folsom St, SF. 415.267.0568

Soundtrax - dubtempo + abstract beats, spatial dub house disco moods w/DJs Iz, g-most, consuelo, dedan. $3 before 11 10pm-3am, 21+, $5. Minna Street Gallery, 111 Minna St, SF. 415.974.1719

Collective Groove - house, jungle, trip hop w/DJs Tom, Jay Hartley, John, guests. All ages, $5. Vets Hall, Front St, Santa Cruz.

Liquid - rare groove, trip hop, drum & bass, abstract beats w/DJs Groove Merchant DJs, Tom Thump, Cool Chris. 7pm-, 21+. Liquid, 2925 16th St @ So.Van Ness, SF.

Collective Groove - house, trip hop, jungle w/DJs Eric Spire, Tom, Chris 23, Subal. All ages, $5. Vets Hall Auditorium, 846 Front St, Santa Cruz. 408.454.1555

Fusion - house w/DJs Pat Allen, TJ, Jay R, Larry Live, Phil Salter, Cameron, Mark Engler, Rob Bishop. 3 DJs per night, free before 10pm. 9pm-4am, 21+, $5. 1220 Pine St, Walnut Creek.


Other Whirled - House, Techno w/DJs Warren, Nobel, Jason Cassady, Nikki Rivera, guests. saturday morning 6am-, 21+. 201 9th @ Howard, SF. - Acid Jazz, Funk, Reggae, House w/DJs Jerry Ross, Josh, Mr. Sulu, Randy Wong. 21+. 1015 Folsom, , SF. 415.337.7457

- House w/DJs Corey Black, Sunshine, Moonbeam, Jason, Big Lee, Darren. occasional saturday nights. 10pm-2am, Free. Cafe Bastille, 55 Belden Alley, SF. 415.764.2903

- Acid Jazz w/DJs Ruben Mancias, Mauricio Avilas, Tom Thump, Franky, guests. 10pm-, 21+, $7. 1190 Folsom @ 8th, SF. 415.597.1010

Loveworks - house w/DJs Pete Avila, Matt Valenz, guests. call for location. 9pm-infinity, . , SF. 415.646.0744

Sugah - house, jazz, soul w/DJs Jay-J, Kwai, Julius Papp, guests, live performers. free b4 10:30pm 9pm-2am, 21+, $5. the Hi-Fi Lounge, 14 S 2nd St, San Jose. 408.282.HIFI

Club 1251 - house w/DJs Dave Alga. $5 for 21+ 16-17 year olds can only stay till midnight 8:30p-2:30a, 16+, $8. 1251 Arroyo Way, Walnut Creek. 510.977.8656

One Flight Up - new york detroit chicago w/DJs Scope (hydrant ny), Chris Orr (xlr8r). every first and third saturday. 10pm- $5. 451 pine upstairs, SF.

Solid - trip hop, jungle, acid jazz w/DJs andrew, paul, thomas, tomas, guests. 10pm-2am, $5. 579 Howard @ 2nd, SF. 415.331.1500 ext O.N.E.

GrassRoots - house, acid jazz w/DJs Kelvin, Adonis, Uneke, Jon Brown, guests. every other saturday. 9:30p-2am, 21+. the Top, 424 Haight St, SF. 415.864.7386

Crunchie - house w/DJs Phat Pat (London). 10pm-2am, 21+. the Blackthorn, 834 Irving @ 9th, SF. 415.339.8429

Pablo's Sugar Shack - house, rare groove, latin funk w/DJs Jay-J, Roman, Jerry Ross, guests. 9.5pm-4am, 21+, $10. VSF, 278 Folsom @ 11th, SF. 415.668.2476

Be-At Info Line - 415-626-4087. Usually has 5-10 listings, updated daily.
the Buzz-line, a global party network - 415.568.1338
Clubline - 415.979.8686
Fatline - 415.207.3668
Frequency 8 Trance/Techno infoline - 415.541.5019
The Gruv Line - (415) 331.1500 ext.4788
Housewares Rave Line - 415.281.0125

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