a b o u t

Uprooted from Bostonian soils New Hack City has found new life on the shores of the Pacific. In 6 years of activity in the scene, NHC has become recognized as a breeding ground for elite talents and challenging technologies. Today reborn in a secret bunker in the heart of San Francisco's bleeding edge of innovation a new motley team is taking a deliberate step towards infamy. In mid 1999, NHC took to the underground to set a new direction for the future. By shutting the doors to the public and moving to a new location New Hack has intention to emerge, in the near future, a resource for the San Francisco Area and the world. Our talented technicians are right now exploring uncharted territories of science, technology, and theory.

c o n t a c t

Media Resource:
New Hack City is open to contributing our perspective to media sources in some matters, please contact rfleming@newhackcity.net (Reid Fleming, VP Media Relations and Automatronics).
Venture Capital Resource:
Some projects and technologies New Hack City is open to "spinning off" with interested funding partners, however the New Hack City project in total is not open to Venture Capital offers at this time. Interested parties should contact tfish@newhackcity.net (Tweety Fish, VP Venture Capital and Ninjitsu).
Consulting/Lecture Resource:
For consulting and lecture interests, contact freqout@newhackcity.net (FreqOut, VP Consulting and Industreality).
Life/Love Resource:
For guidance in life and love, contact mthys@newhackcity.net (Minister Majikthys, VP of the Heart).