SpeedFan 1.00
Copyright 2000-2001 by Alfredo Milani-Comparetti (alfredo@almico.com)

Last modified on 27 mar 2001 (new FAQ question)

What it does
SpeedFan is a freeware program that monitors fan speeds and temperatures in computers with a known monitoring chip. Its main feature is that it can control the speed of the fans according to the temperatures inside your pc, thus reducing noise and power consumption. Currently the only recognized (and useful) chips are WINBOND W83782D, which is found in ABIT BP6, and WINBOND W83627HF. If you've got any other motherboard with the same chip, this program is for you.
I started adding other chips, but only a few of them have the ability to control the speed of the fans. If you know of any other chip with the same feature, feel free to contact me. SpeedFan can be minimized to the tray and is compatible with Motherboard Monitor 5.
How is does it
SpeedFan monitors temperatures and, according to your setup, does its best to keep them at your desired value. When choosing parameters for the minimum and maximum fan speed, try to set them by hand (disable all the VARIATE FANs checkboxes) and listen to the noise. When
you hear no noise from the fan then you can set that value as the minimum fan speed for that fan. I suggest to use 100 as the maximum value, unless you hear so much noise from it. In such a case, you might reduce the maximum speed to 95 or 90. Obviously, nothing says that you can't set 60 as your maximum value and, sometimes I myself set it that way. Consider that when the WARNING temperature is reached, the program sets the fan speed to 100, whichever maximum speed you set. One last word should be spent over the USE FAN x listbox. In my pc, when a fan runs faster, more than one temperature changes. You can say on which fan every temperature should rely. In my BP6, TEMP1 and TEMP3 are both influenced by FAN1.
Try to lower the speed of each fan and look at the reported speed and the temperatures. If you do not allow SpeedFan to variate any fan and set all the speeds too low, then SpeedFan won't be able to avoid overheating. My pc uses both CPUs all time (I've got two SETI@HOME clients :-)) and therefore SpeedFan has to work a lot in order to keep temperatures low. Furthermore, both my CPUs are overclocked and my case is quite small. These are the reasons why the preset temperatures are quite high. If you have got better airflow, not overclocked CPUs and some idle processor time, then you might be working at much lower temperatures (like 33 C).
ACCESS VIOLATION on program startup
Make sure that all the files from the distribution package are in the same directory. This error might occur if you first ran SpeedFan in one directory and then moved to another one. At least under Win2k, the system remembers the location where the DLPORTIO.SYS was first located and will search for it there. The solution is to put it in that directory (you can find it searching with REGEDIT). Another solution would be to change that dir by hand and eventually rebooting your system, but THIS HAS NOT BEEN TESTED and you would do that at your own risk. Let me know about any success or failure to do so :-)
Will you ever add support for this sensor chip?
Well... Currently I can only be sure about WINBOND W83782D, as it is the chip I've got in my ABIT BP6. I've added support for WINBOND W83627HF too (but not so extensively tested: feedback welcome :-)). I've asked for datasheets to some manufacturers, but with slow or no answer at all.
How to setup
Create a new directory wherever you like, put the all files from the distribution ZIP in there and run the EXE. Set the options according to your needs. That's all.
Feel free to contact me at milani@mclink.it if you've got any question or suggestion or discover any strange behavior. I would like to receive an e-mail from those of you who try and find useful my program. Not much: just a line of text :-)
Thanx for your attention :-)
0.90 - first release
0.92 - added basic taskbar icon showing temperature 1
- buffered taskbar icons to speed up repainting
- set to 100 the upper limit for fan speeds
0.94 - DLL and SYS files are searched in the same directory as the EXE (in earlier releases they were searched in a fixed path, causing some users to be unable to run the program properly)
- used an internal font to show temperature 1 on the taskbar
- added support for WINBOND W83627HF
0.95 - improved taskbar font appearance
- taskbar icon is updated only when necessary
- taskbar appearance is now stored in INI
- added option to set fans at full speed on program exit
- SYS and DLL are now searched in the executable directory
0.96 - if it's impossible to find SYS and DLL files in the EXE directory, then they're searched in default directories
- Gudjon Adalsteinsson submitted a bug in processing WARNING TEMPERATURES when the temperature index was different from fan index: now it's fixed
1.00 - fan speed readings can be limited by a user defined value (useful when bad values are retrieved from sensors)
- added a user definable value for the delta value used to increase or lower fan speeds (useful for those of you with CPUs that change their temperature very quickly)
SpeedFan 1.00
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