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I had lunch with Benno today. He set up gnutella.it, a web interface to search the gnutella network. Interestingly lots of people use it.

We discussed about different possible evolutions of Gnutella clients like Bearshare and Limewire. The idea is that the next generation of clients will have to be smarter to limit the bandwidth eaten up by user queries. Some features (like pushing low-bandwidth clients to the edges of the cloud) are already implemented in Bearshare. Also, the new clients will have to implement some sort of categorization and ranking of content available within the horizon... there are a number of very cool ideas there that just wait to be implemented!

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Back to Milan! So many news on the Net today. Lots of e-mails to answer. But before anything else, I had a great cappuccino in the Bar near my apartment.

There seems to be alot of work around SOAP by Dave. When I think about the implications of this technology ...

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Today I am in London; it snowed yesterday and it is still freezing. What a change from Spring in Milan!

I met James of Consume. They are working on a idea that could have a big impact on how the Wireless Internet will evolve. Consume is a non-profit association of people (peers) based in London; each peer will install and link to the closest peers their 802.11b (Wireless Lan) base stations. If enough peers join Consume, the network could cover London with 11Mbit/s, with a limited overall investment and a bandwidth much greater than UMTS.

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Still in Paris. Today I met with Claude Aussage. He is developing a platform to manage SMSs through very simple web interfaces. Claude has a very long experience in developing service platforms - ten years ago he was developing software applications for the Minitel; and guess what, back then the most accessed services were....... dating services! Well, platform change, protocols change, but people are attracted by the same services.... good food for thought if you are thinking about developing wireless applications.

The French wireless market seems very closed to outside developers. Operators think that, by making it difficult for developers to use their platform, they can maximize their profits. My opinion is that they will only slow down the developement of the Wireless Internet and thus earn less. It is the same old story: remember what happened to AOL? first they tried to keep their users in a walled garden and then they realized that they had to open up.

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First post from Paris. Yes it's funny to think that I am carrying around my Blog in the Laptop: I can work on it and then, when I connect to the Internet, it uploads the updates to the hosting server. By the way, Radio has a feature that allows you to post to the blog through e-mail.

Anyways, I met Loïc Dachary who is working on (logiciel libre) free software development of a search engine. We had an apero' in a Bistro near La Bastille. He told me about Richard Stallman coming to Paris a month ago and of a French company called Nevrax developing an infrastructure to build online games that will be distributed under the GNU GPL. They plan to make money on charging users to join the Massive Multiplayers Online games on their servers - Interesting idea, we'll see if it works.

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The weather in Milan is wonderful today 22°C and sunny, the first real Spring day after Winter. I wish there was the sea here. I saw on TV that people are going to the beach in Sardinia.

Anyways, April 3 is "Take Back the Net Day." The idea is to remind everyone that the Net is not about bankrupt companies but is part of our life.

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I am starting to get used to Radio (the software I use to write and publish this Blog). Thanks Dave! Scripting. Radio has a steep learning curve but it is a very flexible and innovative piece of Software - one of the interesting features is that it transforms your desktop into a Web Server. Cool!

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Today I spent sometime reading posts on InfoAnarchy an interesting collaboration between Eric Hanson (USA) and Erik Möller (Germany). InfoAnarchy is a good example of the P2Pj (Person to Person Journalism) applied to a specific subject. We will see more of these tools when applications like Scoop and Slash will be easier to deploy and maintain.

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Just got back to Milan... what a great city is Paris! The weather was ok and the city full of lights (still "la ville lumiere"). I had a great time a few years ago when I worked in France. Anyways, I attended some Internet StartUp conferences and I have to admit that the mood in France, as alsewhere in Europe, has definetly changed. Many empty chairs and few speakers...

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