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Telstra BigPond Broadband - Cable Pricing

Telstra BigPondTM Broadband powered by Cable rate card
Telstra BigPondTM cable offers a variety of flexible packages to meet your varying needs. You have the ability to vary the terms of your subscription according to your lifestyle requirements. There is something to suit everyone, from home customers to home offices to small businesses.

The rate card below presents Telstra BigPond cable prices.
All prices are GST inclusive.

Telstra BigPond cable offers the following types of contract:

Contract length Installation fee
3 months $399.00
12 months $259.00
18 months $189.00

Customers who have modems from their previous Telstra BigPond cable service are eligible for a reduced installation fee of $189.00. The contract length is three months and the $5.00 discount to your monthly service fee will apply after the end of this three month contract.

Monthly plans
During the term of the contract, you can choose (and move between) any of the following monthly plans:

Plan Monthly fee Mb allowance Speed* Additional users # Rate per Mbyte after allowance
Residential & Business
Blast Off $54.95 250MB 256/64 Up to 7 additional users 18.90 cents per Mb up to 5 Gb and 17.50 cents per Mb after 5 Gb
Business Standard $65.95 500MB 512/128
Business Deluxe $71.50 500MB Uncapped ***
Residential Only
Freedom Standard $67.00 Subject to Acceptable Use Policy ** 256/64 Up to 2 additional users Not applicable
Freedom Deluxe $72.55 Subject to Acceptable Use Policy ** 512/128
* Speeds are presented in downstream/upstream format eg: 256/64 represents up to 256kbps downstream/64 kbps upstream.
** Mb allowance is unlimited subject to Acceptable Use Policy
# Each additional user is charged at $11.00 per user per month.
***The speed is uncapped and available at the maximum network speed at any given time.

Monthly Reward
A $5.00 discount will apply to your monthly plan fee if you choose to continue your service at the end of your contract.

At the end of the contract, your service will continue on a monthly basis unless you have given us notice to terminate. You can cancel your service any time after the end of contract but cancellation will not take effect until the end of the calendar month in which notice is given.

Minimum cost of the contract
The minimum cost of contract depends on the term of contract and the monthly plans you choose. Assuming that you stay on the same plan for the duration of the contract, the minimum cost of your contract will be:

Plan Name & Speed 3 month contract 12 month contract 18 month contract
Blast Off (256/64) $563.85 $918.40 $1,178.10
Business Standard (512/128) $596.85 $1,050.40 $1,376.10
Business Deluxe (uncapped***) $613.50 $1,117.00 $1,476.00
Freedom Standard (256/64) $600.00 $1,063.00 $1,395.00
Freedom Deluxe (512/128) $616.65 $1,129.60 $1,494.90

Cancellation fee
You will be liable for a cancellation fee of the lesser of $440 pro rated for the remaining period of the membership or the monthly fee for the remaining period of the membership. For example, a customer who wants to cancel 6 months into an 18 month membership will have to pay a termination fee of $440 X 12/18 (the number of months left to run divided by 18 months) = $293.33.

Reconnection Fee
You will be liable for a reconnection fee of $55 following disconnection due to non-payment of a bill. Additional labour required to restore customer cabling on an in-place service after the first 15 minutes, is charged at standard Fee for Service rates, subject to the total charge of the Fee for Service amount plus the reconnection fee described above not exceeding the initial Installation fee.

Additional services and installation charges
Additional outlet at time of installation $55.00
Additional outlet after installation $82.50
Domain name registration & hosting Price on application
Non standard installation & connection
Applies to difficult locations, terrain, dwelling unit obstacles or commercial premises.
Quote charge
Transfer to new address $189.00
Multiple Outlet Amplifier
If more than 3 sockets are required (including FOXTEL)
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