A Simple Question

How does one [even] begin to describe the past, present, and future of the most profoundly influential technological development since the likes of agriculture, metalworking, and the printing press?


Based on the theme "Computing: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow," The San Francisco Computer Museum (SFCM) will chronicle the history of computing, showcase cutting-edge technology in hands-on displays, exhibit the world's premiere computer graphics and multimedia art, and graphically depict the future directions of computer technology.

The San Francisco Computer Museum

The San Francisco Computer Museum will be built in several stages over the next five years with the ultimate goal of becoming a global center for the history and appreciation of computing technology.

The Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area, including Silicon Valley, has played a pivotal role in the evolution of the multi-billion dollar computer industry. San Francisco, known as the "gateway to the Pacific Rim," is a major center for business and finance.

The Near Future

The museum will sponsor a lecture series on the history of computing, to be presented at the George Coates Performance Works Theater. The lecture series will continue on the same trajectory that began last Fall with Kip Crosby's acclaimed lecture and slide presentation on 50 years of computing in California. Beginning with the CoMA '97 kickoff lecture by Stephen Beck on his experience with 30 years of working in multimedia and a panel discussion with 5 of computer art's bleeding edge, the SFCM will continue towards it's goal of being your best interface to the history and future of computing. We will continue with lectures by the likes of math professor and cyberpunk godfather, Rudy Rucker; a panel on the cutting-edge aesthetics of VRML, and a holiday season inspired event on computers and religion.

The People Behind the Museum

A group of very talented and energetic people have gotten together in an attempt to bring you the most innovative and intruiging way to learn about computers. Any of them would be happy to talk with you about the museum project. Call the museum's development office for more information. 415-703-8362

To The Museum...

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