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Man, the Everquest April Fool's joke was pretty good. (For those of you who do not compulsively read websites, the gag appeared to be the removal of /anon and /roleplay from the game "to make it easier for players to locate clerics, druids, and wizards." That was the nerf; the improvement was going to be a little plus or minus sign indicating your willingness to help strangers. The little sign NOT being visible when one typed /who all targetofspam.) What made it such a good stunt? It was entirely plausible. A large percentage of players were willing to believe Verant would put in a completely unwanted, undesirable change that could serve no purpose but to make the players miserable.

Why this is funny escapes me.

Props to Flicker the Mad Coyote for fixing my stupid yellow monitor problem. While many of you kindly emailed me your suggestions and advice, for which I thank you, Flicker's tip on removing the dust from the inside of the monitor was the one that worked. That's a couple hundred bucks I can now spend on cheap wine and cigarettes.

Time to rant! See y'all later on.

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