The Mexican Museum, San Francisco

Fort Mason Center, Building D
San Francisco, CA 94123
Tel: 415-441-0404

The Mexican Museum is a unique art and cultural institution located in historic Fort Mason Center on the waterfront of San Francisco Bay. Established in 1975, the Museum was the first in the United States to focus on the work of Mexican and Mexican-American artists. Today the Museum serves as a leader in the field of Latino arts and art education, setting the standard in this newly recognized area. As the Latino populations of this country increase and the contributions of this portion of our citizenry become more well-known, the Museum serves as an important resource center for study and as a venue for the artistic expression and cultural self-interpretation for this segment of our national population.

The Mexican Museum's vision is to reinterpret the way we see ourselves as a nation. The Museum collects, exhibits and promotes the visual expression of the Mexicano peoples and symbolizes the common cultural heritage shared by our Latino communities. Through these efforts we strive to promote an understanding of our artistic contributions to a national audience. One of the Museum's culture in pluralistic terms.

During the first seven years, The Mexican Museum was located in San Francisco's Mission District. In 1982, it relocated to its present home at Fort Mason Center. In 1991 the San Francisco redevelopment Agency assisted Museum in securing a parcel of land in Yerba Buena Gardens where we plan to build the Museum's new home.

The Museum receives an average of 23,000 visitors each year from all corners of the globe. One in every five guest of the Museum comes from out of the state; three percent come from outside the United States. The Museum presents portions of its permanent collection on an ongoing basis in our Orientation Gallery. Our special exhibitions are mounted in a 2,900-square foot gallery that has been praised for its innovative design, and which is reconfigured before each exhibition to best illuminate the works.

The Mexican Museum is supported by corporations, private foundations, individuals and grants from government agencies. The Museum also has an active membership base and generates earned income through our gift shop, La Tienda and special events.

Current Exhibitions: Call 415-441-0404 for information.
Future Exhibitions: Call 415-441-0404 for information.

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