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This is a new site devoted to our dad. We have always called him diddy, instead of daddy or dad. We began diving together around the spring of 1992 when we did our very first checkout dive. After we were certified we continued diving together in the keys and Cozumel Mexico. My brother erc and I wanted to do this site to relate our experience's together with our dad and to tell the stories of the many trips we've taken through text and pictures. We have lots of underwater photography as well as pictures of the land areas where have gone.

I really believe that diving with my dad are some of the best moments I have had in my entire life, Erc and I both agree that our dad is our hero and have always looked to him as a role model and a friend, plus he makes a pretty good dive buddy too.

To launch this site we have added a small gallery of underwater shots of sea life in Cozumel Mexico the detailed information will be added soon.


deadbear and The ErC