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Cultural Events in Daegu

Maegoo Poongmool Pae Performing at Kyungbuuk University

Before I came to Korea I was the kind of poor activist that spent every dime I could spare on tickets to the symphony, plays, concerts and of course donations to the scant coffers of other activist organizations.  My parents taught me to appreciate traditional music from around the world, and I must admit I am a die-hard fan of Korean traditional music and dance.  In my time in Daegu I've made it a point to find out what's available on the cultural scene.  This page (bookmark it!) will be a place for me to post news of upcoming events.  I'm not going to list everything... just stuff that strikes my eye (if I list everything, I will spend hours and hours updating this site every month- Daegu has a lot going on!)  For now I am only going to list performances, there are just too many art openings and gallery exhibitions to go into! 

Daegu has three major sites for performances, and most of what I've listed can be found at one of them.  First and most important is the Daegu Art and Culture Hall:  Daegu moon-hwa yeh-sool hwae-gwan).  The Art and Culture Hall is located in Duryu Park, a fast 15 minutes walk from the enterance to Oobang Tower Land.  The easiest access is to take a subway to Sungdangmot or a bus to Seobu Jung-ryu-jang (West Bus Terminal), and then take a minimum fare taxi ride to the Art and Culture Complex.  Watch the route carefully, so you can walk back.  If you want to walk there, from the 4 way intersection at Seobu Terminal turn downhill (North, towards the center of Daegu) and walk until there is a small lake in the park on your left.  That lake is Sungdangmot.  Turn left and follow the path clockwise around the lake, and on your left when you reach the opposite side of the lake you'll find the Art and Culture Complex.  Straight in front of you is the main hall which contains between one and four gallery exhibitions at any one time (closed on Monday, but worth a visit any other day, just to see what's there)(usually the exhibitions are free).  On your left hand side, the big building is the performance hall where most concerts are held, though some are in the small hall to the left of the main hall, and others are behind the buildings in an outdoor performance space.   Inside of this complex there are about 7 performances a week average. 

Citizen's Hall:Shi-min hwae-gwan is near downtown.  From downtown walk North towards Daegu Train Station.  Citizen's Hall is next to the Daegu Station Enterance.  It's about a five minute walk from Jakarta Square (you know, where all the Indonesian factory workers hang out by the underground shopping area), so just take the subway or a bus downtown and walk.  This is a big space, and only the most popular acts are held in the hall.  It often has 3 or more prices for seats, and the cheaper ones may sell out fairly  quickly.  Be defensive and make reservations, or at least show up early. 

Children's Hall:Auhrinee hwae-gwan is in Susunggu.  It's about a 15 minute walk from Bomo Intersection (TGI Friday's).  It is served by buses 242, 427, 929, 814, 407, and 402.  The best bus from downtown is the 427.  If you are coming from downtown you will be dropped off across the street from the Children's Hall... get off the bus right after you pass a Popeye's Chicken fast food joint on a corner.   Children's Hall is next to the Science Center and Daegu Science High School.  There is a small fee to enter the Children's Hall park. 

Kyungbuuk University's Dae-gang-dang is also a site for larger and more popular shows.  To get there, take a bus to the main gate, and enter campus.  The hall is about 100 meters from the gate, just walk forward and bear to your left, and if you keep your eyes out you'll see a hall with a bunch of posters on it, advertising the show you have come to see.  Besides, Kyungbuuk students are sweet, they'll help you find the hall if you're confused. 


Korean Mask Dancers

Calendar for April

7 pm 
3 and 6 pm
Art and Culture Hall   Play "Heo Seng" 
Learn about Korean History through this performance!   Tickets are 10 and 7,000
6th  7:30 Children's Hall    Hyosung Univ. Piano Festival  011-9593-9923
7th  3 and 7 pm Citizen's Hall    Korean Dance Concert
Performers are blind but this is a top-notch performance!
7-8th  4, 7:30 Kyungbuuk Univ. Musical "Sting"  626-1980
8th  7 pm Daeduk Moonhwa Jundang   Nirvana Chamber Orchestra Concert 
50,30,20 and 10,000 per seat 
Rossini, Verdi, Donizetti etc.
10th 7:30  Art and Culture Hall    Daegu City Choir 
5 and 3,000 per seat, "Battle Hymn of the Republic" "Shenandoah"
10th  7:30 Children's Hall Yoo Yung-im  Violin Performance  421-7880
10th 10:40, 11:40 Citizen's Hall  Musical  "Wizard of Oz" 
Children oriented performance 
12th 7:30  Citizen's Hall  An Evening with 12 Exceptional Tenors  656-1934
14-15th 3, 6:30 Kyungbuuk Univ. Nah Hoon-ah (Korean "throat" singer)  760-1900
17th  7:30 Children's Hall  Yoo Gwang-moek  Violin Recital  421-7880
18th 7:30 Citizen's Hall Kim Gyung-ae Daegum (tranverse bamboo flute) concert with
other special guests.
19th 7:30 Art and Culture Hall Daegu City Symphony Orchestra
7, 5 and 3,000 a ticket, 
with a visiting Western Conductor Haydn, Rachmaninoff, Ravel 
20th 7:30 Buukgu Moonhwa Ctr.  Dance Festival 350-7464
22nd 7:30 Art and Culture Hall International Dance Festival 011-521-8508
23rd 7:30 Keimyung Univ.
Yi Sung-wun Piano Recital 011-9592-0823
23rd 7:30 Children's Hall Soeng Hyunji Cello Recital 421-7880
25th 7:30 Citizen's Hall Baek Hyungju Dance Performance 656-1934
25th 7:30 Children's Hall Yungum Chamber Ensemble Concert 011-821-5455
27th 7:00 Children's Hall Bae Gyu-hee String Ensemble Concert 011-9591-434


Festivals are an integral part of my happiness in Korea.  Festivals show you the best of this country, and in an environment where you are not the only on-looker than doesn't know EVERYTHING already.  Festivals are designed to be fun, as well as to pass on cultural information.  Naturally they plan on passing this information on to younger Koreans but if you show up and demonstrate curiosity, you'll have unofficial guides appearing out of the woodwork. Koreans love to inform foreigners about their culture, and all the great things about it.  If you start hitting festivals you may become addicted.  I go to many festivals during the year, and I've noticed I am not the only foreign face turning up again and again.  Festivals do, however, require some planning ahead.  Many of the best festivals (the ones that are TRULY traditional) are located in small out of the way locations, and a call to the festival information line is in order to obtain directions if nothing else.
 Upcoming Festivals around the country
Upcoming Festivals:

Choongju Int'l Martial Arts Festival

April 19-25

Choongju City Stadium


The Martial Arts Festival, now in it's fourth year, is located in Choongchungbukdo's capital city of Choongju.  Unfortunately, getting to Choongju is as hard as practicing some of the arts.  Not really, it's a joke.  Seriously, from Daegu your best option is to take a train to Daejun, and then a bus to Choongju, another option is to take a milk run bus which will allow you to see the bus terminals in at least 5 different places as people are picked up and dropped off.  For Seoulites, Choongju is a snap, direct buses and the train are available.  Busan folks, take the train to Daejun.   I've been to this festival- it's growing every year.  Last year more than 20 different countries sent participants, including Bulgaria and Ghana!   This festival is organized by Taekkyun folks, so there is a lot of Taekkyun action, but I must tell you last years highlight was the Shaolin Temple monks, I hope they come back this year, too.  The program is available in English and there was a English speaking Announcer right next to the Korean, echoing everything in nearly flawless English.  There is a main stage, plus exhibits and workshops.   It's worth going to, for sure! 

Int'l Fashion and Shopping Festival

April 10th-May 30th

Daegu City (Citizen's Hall and the Art and Culture Complex host most of the events)


Daegu has this program "The Milano Project" whereby Daegu and Milan are sister cities working to support each other... Daegu gives Milan fabric and Milan gives Daegu... what?  I don't know.  I am not especially interested either.  If this is your bag, call the number and find out more.

Junju Int'l Film Festival

Starting sometime after May 5th

Junju (Chollabuukdo) at the Culture Hall, Dukjin Art Hall and miscellaneous downtown theaters.


See movies from around the world.   Buses run from Daegu to Junju from 7 am to 7 pm from the Express Bus Terminal.  They take between 3 and 4 hours depending on traffic.

Junju Paper Festival

Starting sometime after May 5th

Junju (Chollabuukdo) at the Junbuuk  Art Hall


Festival to display and inform people about Junju and Korea's Hanji (handmade paper) traditions.

Seochun Moeshi Festival

During May

Choongchungnamdo Seochun County's Hansan Moeshigwan


Moeshi is Korean traditional hemp fabric.  Seochun is famous for Moeshi production and traditions.

Yangju Byulsan Dae Nori

Beginning of May

Kyunggido Yangju-goon Junay-myun Yuhang-ni


Since 1957 every year Yangju has been holding a big star watching festival complete with performances. 

Choonchun Int'l Mime Festival

Beginning of May

Kangwundo Choonchun City Children's Hall


What do mimes do if you call the info phone?  Maybe they hire non-mimes to answer the questions.  Just kidding.  Anyway, this is a festival that doesn't care if you speak Korean and it's also really great for kids! 

Hadong Ya-saengcha Cultural Festival

Beginning of May

Kyungsannamdo Hadong


Hadong is supposedly the first place tea was cultivated in Korea.  Come learn more!

Hampyung Nabi Dae Chookjae

After May 5th

Chollanamdo Hampyung


Butterfly festival. 

Namwun Choonhyang Festival

May 4th-9th

Chollabuukdo Namwun Gwanghannuwun and downtown Namwun


Do you know the story of Korea's Romeo and Juliet?  It's actually better than Romeo and Juliet because 1. It's true.  2. The lovers got to be together in the end.   In Namwun down by the river there is a big park, built to house the historic buildings where this sweet story took place.   Namwun is a very pretty city.  I won't tell you the story cause someone at the festival is sure to tell you, and it'll be more fun to find out from them.  There are frequent Busan to Namwun buses, from Daegu you have to take a bus from Seobu Jungryujang and they don't run so often, about once every hour and a half.

Busan Asian Film Festival

Beginning of May

Busan's Gyungsung Univ. Concert Hall and Multimedia Center


This is not the Busan Int'l Film Festival, this is different.  But that doesn't mean it's not worth checking out.  Get more details on Pusan Web.

Int'l Island Cultural Festival

May 19th-June 17th



Have fun checking out what "Island Culture" is all about. 

Festivals in Korea are fun!  Check out festival shots from the 2000 Andong Mask Dance Festival.

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