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Was Ellen White a Yeti?
By:  HappySabbath Staff
A team of Recovering Adventist researchers have stumbled across a THEORY that prophet Ellen G. White may have been a YETI (also known as a Sasquatch or Big Foot).
Was she in fact a tamed wild animal? Decide for YOURSELF!

Yeti -- has tremendous strength
Ellen White -- once held a 30 lb Bible at arms length for an hour

Yeti -- Often sighted in Northern California
Ellen White -- Lived in Northern California (went there to die)

Yeti -- Has ape-like features
Ellen White -- Had ape-like features

Yeti -- Lives off forest vegetation
Ellen White -- Vegetarian

Yeti -- Covered in thick, dark hair
Ellen White -- Always wore clothing that covered nearly all of her body (curious, eh?)

Yeti -- Thought to be psychic
Ellen White -- Thought to have unusual powers of vision and prediction

Yeti -- Few known photographs
Ellen White -- Few known photographs

Yeti -- Lives in the wilderness
Ellen White -- Unusually strong advocate for "country living"

The research continues. But many EXPERTS believe a strong case is being made that Adventism was in fact founded and fostered by an articulate, trained monkey. Visit this site again for further PROOF!
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