Are you a lefty trying to learn guitar?

Then check out my site,
Meguana's Lefty Guitar Chords

Or follow these here links for a brief discussion of
whether to learn left-handed or right-handed guitar
how to learn as a lefty

Famous and Semi-Famous Southpaw Guitarists:
David Byrne,
formerly of Talking Heads
occasionally plays lefty guit

The late Kurt Cobain
of Nirvana

Elizabeth Cotten,
folk musician

Dick Dale,
King of Surf Guitar

The Everly Brothers

John Flansburgh
of They Might Be Giants

Eric Gales,
blues guitarist

The late great legend Jimi Hendrix
was a versatile lefty...

Tony Iommi
of Black Sabbath

The late great Albert King,
blues guitarist

John Lydon
formerly of the Sex Pistols
and Public Image Ltd.

Paul McCartney

The late Doc Isaiah Ross,
blues guitarist

Otis Rush,
blues guitarist

If you prefer a hardcopy, more concrete set of lefty chords,
then go to Lefty himself for a Left-handed Guitar Chord Book...

Visit The Lefty Guitar Club for info and lefty guits...

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