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Evolutionary Networks -EVN- was founded by a group of five Internet entrepreneurs, including alumni of Apple, Sun Microsystems, Unisys and Deloitte Consulting. 

Management backgrounds are diverse and cohesive, including high-tech management, systems design, consulting, finance, business intelligence, customer relationship management and e-commerce expertise. While this group is from very different backgrounds, they have worked together in different capacities in the past and share a common vision: Make the Internet easier to use for those that buy and those that sell.

Executive Management


Dr. James Canton is a co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Evolutionary Networks. He is an internationally recognized technology futurist and digital entrepreneur. He is President of the Institute for Global Futures, a San Francisco based think tank that advises the Fortune 1000 on the impact of leading-edge technology. He is a Guest Host and technology commentator for CNN, Financial News and is an Advisor to the White House Office of Science and Technology, reporting directly to President Clinton. In addition, Dr. Canton is also the technology columnist for JAGNotes, a leading Internet portal for venture capitalists, investment bankers and financial institutions. Dr. Canton has held executive positions at a number of firms including Apple Computer, General Computer, Umecorp, Swiss Occidental and OxyNet. Dr. Canton is the author of Technofutures: How Leading-Edge Technologies Will Transform Business in the 21st Century (Hay House 1999).

President & CEO

Robert ("JR") Bumgarner is chief executive officer, a co-founder, and member of the Board of Directors of EVN. As CEO of the Company, Mr. Bumgarner is responsible for long-range strategic planning, daily operations, and supervises the management team. Prior to joining Evolutionary Networks, Mr. Bumgarner was the international leader of Deloitte & Touche’s ("D&T") emerging technologies financial consulting practice, where he built a global consulting practice in determining how emerging technologies create value for large and small companies. Mr. Bumgarner started with a team of 3 people in Los Angeles and ultimately grew the practice to Europe and Asia with staff offices in San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Stamford (D&T global HQ), London, and Hong Kong. In this role, Mr. Bumgarner’s duties included regularly performing multi-billion dollar analyses throughout the world, representing clients such as Rockwell, Honeywell, and Toshiba before the Securities and Exchange Commission, and setting policy regarding these matters for Deloitte & Touche in the United States and the United Kingdom. Mr. Bumgarner holds an M.S. degree in Industrial Administration and a B.S. degree in Management from Purdue University.

Chief Technology Officer

Fred Ross is  EVN’s “Virtual” CTO, and will be joining our staff permanently in April 2001. Fred is the founder and CEO of eNetCentric a Web integration and consulting firm offering e-commerce and Internet consulting, design and implementation services.  Fred is senior executive and proven leader in the information technology industry with an unusual depth and breadth of technical, business and financial expertise.  Fred brings more than 15 years of information technology industry experience to bear to develop cost effective technology solutions. Fred has 20 years of proven general management experience and a strong sense of urgency. 

Under Fred's leadership, technology teams have developed solutions for numerous Fortune 500 and centric firms including: Ameriquest Financial, Mazda Motors, CKE Enterprises, Hunt Wesson, PacifiCare, AT&T Cellular, Mutual of Omaha, First Data Resources, Union Pacific, Iowa State University,,,,,,, Winfire/, Broform, eCharityCash, and

Chief Scientist

Charles Ostman is Chief Scientist of EVN. Charles has spent 25+ years working in the fields of electronics, physics, computers, artificial intelligence, and most recently, various aspects of applied and theoretical Nanotechnology. Starting with eight years at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley, he has since worked in a variety of private industry technology laboratories and development facilities. He currently is a member of the science advisory board of Nanothinc, a San Francisco based privately held Nanotechnology focus and development group, and a senior fellow of the Institute for Global Futures. Mr. Ostman’s previous professional experience covers a diverse range of technical development projects at facilities ranging from GTE Lenkurt to Litton Industries, Lucas Films, and a variety of other technology related companies and institutions.

VPs Research & Development

Jore Park and Wylci Fables are co-founders and members of the Board of Directors of EVN. They have over 30 years of combined experience in technology innovation. As Vice President of Development and Vice President of Research respectively, they function as a collaborative team for software system design and conceptual development for EVN.

Ms. Park and Mr. Fables have been directors of SeaSeer R&D, conducting research and development for numerous projects, related to digital content management, Cultural Mapping* (an expert system), innovative search, and automated media production. They assemble efficient project specific groups of programmers, artists and systems experts toward technology solutions. They were application integrators at the Maui High Performance Computing Center (MHPCC), and pioneered the use of 3D technology on the World Wide Web as software developers for Silicon Graphics systems.

VP Professional Services

Leynette Wissinger is in an advisory role as VP of Professional Services. Ms. Wissinger was most recently Manager of Strategic Customer Management, High End Services Engineering, for Sun Microsystems, Inc. in San Diego, California, where she was responsible for worldwide crisis management, strategic account support, and high-end services development. One of her more notable accomplishments includes crisis management and site recovery for the much-publicized June, 1999 eBay outage. Ms. Wissinger’s background is in data center management, systems architecture design, process development, and systems development lifecycle including product specification, planning, development, deployment, and sustaining engineering, configuration management, and support services. Prior to joining Sun Microsystems, Ms. Wissinger held key positions at the Maui High Performance Computing Center in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, and Cray Research in San Diego. Ms. Wissinger holds a B.S. degree in Information Systems from Coleman College in San Diego.

Board of Advisors

Matthew Pace

Mr. Pace is Executive Vice President and General Counsel at Kaleidoscope, an entertainment company owned by the Interpublic Group of companies. Kaleidoscope advises clients such as General Motors, Fox Networks, and numerous others in the Fortune 500. Mr. Pace received his legal training from Emory University.

Toby Redshaw

Mr. Redshaw is General Manager Global Operations / Supply Chain Solutions for, an online B2B marketplace for the hospitality industry. Previously, Mr. Redshaw spent 17 years with Federal Express in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the U.S., and was most recently VP of Global Supply Chain Management.

Orren Harrari

Dr. Harrari is Professor of Business Strategy at San Francisco State University and author of numerous books on business strategy and the new economy. He holds a PhD from UC Berkeley.

Rudy Burger

Dr. Burger is the former CIO for NEC, the former VP of Software at Xerox, and advisor to companies in transition to the new economy. He holds Doctorate degrees from both Oxford and Yale University.



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