Why the
Americans   NEVER
landed on the moon. 

Why they would fake it
The Soviet Union had been making all the early advances and the greatest progress in the great Moon race.

The Soviet Union launched the first man and the first women in space in 1961 & 1963 and were also the first to orbit the Earth.

With the above happening the US Government had to make some kind of success with President Kennedy promising that the US would put a man on the moon by the end of the 1960's.

Many people believe that NASA had released that it was not possible to go to the moon with the technology available
(Computer chips being as powerful then as a modern washing machines chip) so they resorted to faking the landing to ensure a
victory of the Soviet Union and keep the dollars coming in for real space projects.

The Pictures
NASA have never offered any explanation whatsoever for the numerous
errors in the photographs, despite repeated questioning.
These errors include:

The Apollo 11 pictures show the ground in the distance being much darker
than the ground in the foreground, as if the Astronauts were standing in
a pool of light.

Several photos show evidence of extra lighting (as a professional photographer
would use fill-in lights) but no such lights were supposed to have been

Some photos clearly show the light coming from "impossible"
angles. In one instance, Aldrin's boot is lit from below as he descends
the ladder.

Some photos contradict the TV camera pictures of the same events.

Some photos of one astronaut taken by the other are clearly taken from
slightly above the eye level of the subject, but in his visor, the reflection
of the astronaut with the camera shows it being held at chest level.

The length of the shadows in the Apollo 12 pictures don't agree with
the angle which the Sun should have been at.

Some wide area photos show shadows pointing in different directions.

In the sound recording of the lunar landing, you cannot hear the sound
of the engines. As the astronaut calls out the remaining distance to the
surface, he is only a few feet away from a rocket engine which should have
been producing 10000 lb of thrust. 

The sounds
The major point which has helped convince me that the moon landing was faked was the fact that when the control room asked a question to the Astronoughts the replies were instant with no delays. This seems strange as even with technology in the 1990's there is a delay from satellite links from the UK to the US. There is about a 0.7 second delay from London to California so how is it possible for instant replies from the Moon ?

There is also evidence that when people go into space that there voice goes tense although the Astronaughts voices have been analyzed and found to be normal, and 7/10 people said it sounded like someone reading from a script.

When Houston are talking to the module you should not be able to hear the responses at least when the module is landing and the infamous "eagle has landed" quote, this is due to the noise that should have been created by the rocket motor which generates several hundred thousand pounds of thrust 20 ft below the astronaughts. The noise would have completely drowned
the vocals out. 

The Radiation
An American author has researched and found out that he believes the Apollo Spacecraft would have needed to be two meters thick to prevent cosmic radiation from cooking the Astronaughts inside.

Also in addition to the radiation protection for the astronaughts similar protection would be required for the films + cameras, NASA's official explanation of how the films were protected was that the cameras were painted with a coat of aluminium paint,
yeah right.