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April - An arrest was made in the murder of our friend & minister Sam Brunsvold!!!   A detailed page with much more information has been put up in a special section linked to at the right under Brunsvold.

April -- Hey there...  Lucinda and I are very busy with our church work and my free time web page is dedicated to keeping the xcurrent web page up to date.  If you want to see some ultra-cool photos of Lucinda in a kidz stage production, hop on over to and follow the links to Media Library and then SonZone Production.  You will surely get a kick out of reading that!!!

               We did just get a scanner which means when I do find the time, more web photos will be put on-line for you to see what Lucinda and I are up to.  She does have big news to share, but I need to let her write it (No!  We are NOT expecting!!!).

December --  Merry Christmas to everybody!  We realize we told everyone in our Christmas newsletter, that we would have all these neat new stories available for you on our web site.   Unfortunately, they are not yet ready.  Both Lucinda and I have lots of time off between now and the new year and those stories, as promised, WILL be published over the next two weeks.  We have a much more elaborate story about Lucinda's accident, some home info and other stuff for you to read and enjoy.  We are also planning on putting up our current and historical Christmas Newsletters for all to read.  Should be interesting!  Please check back.  And if you want an e-mail when things are complete to remind you to check back, let me know, and we'll tell you when things are up to speed.  Thanks & Merry Christmas - Caleb & Lucinda

11-15 --   As noted on the side bar, I have been spending my web development time perfecting the X-Current web site which is now visible at  X-Current is the youth ministry of Saline First Assembly of God of which Lucinda and I are lay leaders.   This past weekend, we finished up our 4-week teaching on True Love Waits with the youth making commitments to remain pure until marriage.  This was capped off by a fri/sat lock-in at the church and ceremony Sunday morning.

10-20 -- OK, Law & Order is a repeat, so I have time to get this sit up to date.  First of all, there is a section, linked to at the right, that has all the information about Lucinda's accident - mostly through a collection of e-mail that we wrote during the process.  Just to squeem out those of you who don't visit the site, a photo is attached: (click for full size)


     I also created a section for X-Current, the youth group of Saline First Assembly.  Right now it is a bit sparse, but it has some cool photos from our big 4th of July party.  You should check them out if for nothing else than to see the scanned photos I paid a lot of money for and to see our house with lots of people playing around outside!  The best though is the photo of Marty!

houseflag2-tn.jpg (18685 bytes)

10-20 -- Hey, we're back!  I had a configuration problem that I just never attended to and when I finally sat down to rectify it, 3 months had passed.  Actually, a little more has occurred.  Lucinda shattered her wrist while on vacation in August and that has thrown our lives into major chaos.  More on that will be published to this web site shortly - Lucinda is just now starting some of her re-hab, but is still waiting on the bulk of the painful work.   It is very frustrating, but she's doing great and remembering God's promise that He will not give her more than she can handle.  She is a very strong woman and can use encouragement any time you want to pass it along.
     Well, this is working, which is exciting.  I have lots of photos that have been scanned in to post here sometime real soon.  But I am down to watching only 2 television shows (Law & Order & E.R.) and one is right about to start, so it's off to my hour of mindless entertainment.  Cheers - Caleb

7-8 -- We're finally recovered from the party of last Sunday.  At work we are in the process of moving, so things are a bit hectic.   On top of the move, our team is in the middle of some quite serious work, so we're trying to stay up and running as long as possible.  I wrote up some info about the 4th of July party for you to peruse - it's nothing major and nothing you couldn't guess at, but it is a place holder for where all the photo's will go as soon as I get them on-line.  I can't wait to see the goofy ones of Marty and Tim!

7-5 --  Excellent Weekend!  No time to properly describe here & now, but we had a great party Sunday with 30+ people in attendance.  Ate great food, played some fun lawn games and had an awesome time chatting with all our friends from church.  Photos will be on-line shortly of course.   Monday, Lucinda and I biked 8.75 miles to Laura's house, swam and ate, then biked back (did I mention that all weekend it was in the 95+ temperature range?)  Great way to burn off some of the calories from a big picnic!  And with only 50 miles on my bike, the right pedal nearly came off while riding.  Now with a busy work week, I need to find the time to get it into the shop.  More when time permits - Cc

7-2 --  Looooooong week!!!  Let me, attempting to be brief, rewind.  On Friday I flew to Chicago to set up for some work Media Station was doing in a test lab.  Flew back, couldn't hop the 4:00 return flight, got ticketed on the 6:00, missed that (long story), and finally returned on the 8:00.  Lucinda and I had a great Saturday riding our new bikes around the Metro Parks system in Hudson Mills before my softball double header (great batting, horrible fielding, won one, lost one).

Sunday after church, I met Henry and we drove back to Chicago for this lab engagement.  Planning on staying but one day, two at the max, I ended up working in Chicago for the entire week!  We had a good time when not working, which was 8 - 8 almost every day.  One evening, Henry, John and I roller-bladed from The Water Tower through Lincoln Park to a small Italian restaurant for dinner.  We taxied back as I don't think the other guys feet were feeling too nice.

It's been a long time since I've been home and I look forward to seeing my house and bed, and well, Lucinda while I'm on the subject.  I believe she had a productive week, biking 10 miles a few days during the evenings.  She biked to Milan one night, a bit further than she had planned I think.  We're hosting a big 4th of July party Sunday after church.  We invited a TON of people, admittedly we forgot to invite people with good notice, but such is life.  So far only one family has RSVP'd, not that are required to do so, but it would be nice to have a basic head count :-)

There was also big news on the Hittle front this week as Lucinda's brother Patrick and wife Amy had another baby boy on Monday: "Alexander James Hittle arrived today at 5:21 PM, weighing in at 7 lbs, 13 ozs, and just over 21 inches." I also got mail on Wednesday from my father in law reading: "Larissa is in labor. it started about 3:30 this morning."  From what I have elarned since though, she will probably not deliver until Monday.  She just wants to sooner :-0  I don't understand these things, so I dare not even ask...

Thanks for keeping in touch.  Drop us a line if you found these pages enjoyable in any sense.  Been a long week for me, looking forward to a few days without work and worry.  Lots of stuff to do when I get back to the office on Tuesday.  Is it really true that work piled up while I was gone, plus all the work that I need to do upon returning... Geese am I in for a long week... plus, we're moving our office starting Thursday!!!

6-22 --  What a morning!!!  Lucinda and I picked up our bikes and accessories last night.  The bill was a shade higher than expected, but with the proper care, the bikes will last us a long time and provide endless hours of enjoyment and exercise.  Upon returning, we rode 10.66 miles into town, then back and around a loop on some dirt roads.  Lucinda, having been running for 2 years, including the recent 10k in South Bend, is in much better shape than I am at the moment.   We had an excellent time though..

     So this morning, I set out at 7:30 and commuted to work on my bike in less time than my commute took in NJ by car!  Imagine that!  It was only 10.56 miles which I covered in 49 minutes (avg.=12.9 MPH), but this being now only my second time on a bike since college, I am not complaining.  I was hurting bad mid-way through the ride, but feel very good right now, showered and ready to concentrate on work.  We'll see how the time decreases as I make the trek more often.  I am riding a true mountain bike with knobby tires.  A co-worker suggests buying slicks, which is an excellent idea, but for the time being, half my goal is not really speed, but exercise, so if you think about it, I am getting a better workout with knobby tires covering the same distance than I would with slicks :-)  My goal is to do this 3 days a week when possible, you can help hold me to that with encouragement! I feel like such a wimp by the way with a sore butt having ridden to work while my sister, Carla, runs in marathons, competes in triathlons and rode a bike from San Francisco to Tijuana!  I guess in comparison, a 10.5 miles ride to work is nothing!!!

     But wait, there's more...

     In Mr. Marsillio's 7th grade Social Studies class, at the very end of the school year, we had a couple of students from the high school come in and talk to us about the High School (which started in 8th grade).  To ask questions, we had to put them to paper ahead of time and Mr. Marsillio would pre-screen to the ones he felt were "good."  Giving us suggestions the day before, he said, "And no stupid questions like 'Can I ride my bike to school.'"  I had ridden my bike to middle school that day, and I used to ride it even to grade school.   He went on to say that you don't ride you bike to high school as you're grown up and bikes are for kids.

     Of course I rode my bike to high school and it had been my goal to ride my bike to work.  In NJ it just wasn't possible, but now, finally, I have ridden my bike to work.  Not only is it a fairly sane distance and terrain, 10.5 miles and relatively (to Western PA at least) flat, but we have showers on-site and, well, there are a half dozen others who ride their bikes to the office.

     So, Mr. Marsillio, I just wanted to let you know that although I may be a kid at 28, I truly enjoy riding my bike and look forward to riding it to work as often as possible.

     And now you know..........  The rest of the the story..........

6-21 --  OK, big catch up time.  First, stuff from the last week or two - Our Biographies and my testimony have been updated and are begging for you to read them.

     So what have we been up to?   Wow!  Lucinda and I spent the weekend of the 12th with my fathers family in Minneapolis celebrating my Uncle Buddy's 50th Birthday!  I would have advertised that fact here earlier, but it was a surprise, so...  We had a great time visiting with my grandparents, Aunt, father, uncle and niece.  Spent some time walking the corridors of the Mall of America (no need to return imho), played some lawn bowling and got to have some fun on an old Pechinko (sp?) board.

     I flew from Minneapolis to a NCTA Trade show in Chicago.  We demonstrated our Select Play product from Media Station at three booths.  I also had the chance to walk the floor and I must say, this was one cool trade show.  I came home with more cool free stuff than one can imagine.

     This weekend was fun as well.  We *finally* got out and bought some bikes.  In apartment living, we never had the space, but now we do - yeah!  We bought two Trek 6000's (an 18" in blue and a 19.5" in red).

 Trek 6000 Mountain Bike

     Other escapades this weekend included replacing the front pad on the Saturn's disc brakes (42k miles) and gardening.  I know, I need to update this stuff in the "home" section, which I will at some point in time, but until then...  The garden has become weed infested.  So much for my theory of a completely weed-free garden :-)  You can tell this is my first time doing this, yes?  We've got it somewhat under control - next year we'll have more time to plan this out properly.  The other bad news is that nothing has sprouted but the three rows of corn and either beans or peas (forget which).  Three cucumber mounts have sent something up, but everything else is toast.  We bought a sprinkler and water the garden yesterday since it hasn't rained in like two weeks - who knows, at least we're having fun doing this :-(

    Oh yeah, we also took out the White Maple tree in the middle of the back yard.  It wasn't "in the way" just yet, but I want a big contiguous space for volleyball, wiffle ball, football, etc. when 'my son' is ready to play them.  This tree would have become a big nuisance by that time.   As well, it hadn't gown in the four years since planting by the previous owner.   I must saw, it took less than a half hour to pull it from the ground and the root system never extended beyond the original root ball.  It was quite interesting to uproot a tree :-)  Now to get some soil, fill the hole to ground level and plant some grass seed so that in a year, I'll no longer have this 6' radius hole in the middle of my back yard :-)   Until next time - Caleb -- Cheers

6-10 --  Hello again and thanks for visiting.  As I finish out the work week and plan for another long weekend and week (NCTA Trade show in Chicago where we will be debuting our SelectPlay product) I find I must upload some sort of summary of recent events.

     Last weekend, Lucinda ran her 10k and did quite well for her first time at that distance.  She finished in 57:55 putting her 21/39 in her age group, 608/876 overall and 148/274 women.  Awesome baby!
     At the same time, friends Eric & Amy Sokol and Eric's brother Frank came to visit.  They were making the obligatory pilgrimage to see Tiger Stadium before it is torn down at the end of the season.  We had a great time all weekend.  Saturday before the game, we spent a couple of hours at Henry Ford's mansion in Dearborn.   Sunday we drove to campus and walked into The Big House which is impressive even when empty.  Also caught an inning of high school baseball at Fisher Field on campus.   We had also toured downtown late Saturday night looking for good food.  We found it, but were rather interested in a burger at Max & Erma's :-)
    And good news - our garden, which is very weed free finally, is spouting out some green things.  Well, I guess they could be weeds :-)   Starting to look good - it's going to be very painful for me to "thin out" the rows as the packages tell us to do.  I guess it comes down to a Vulcan thing "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."  Until next time - Cheers - Caleb
6-8 --  I still have to write up last weekend, but must put out the story of last nights Pirates/Tigers game asap.  Click the previous link to read all about me getting Kris Bensen's autograph on an 8x10 photo of he and I as well as my catching of a foul ball.
6-3 --  It's a baseball weekend!!!   Memorial Day weekend Troy, Marie and Kam came to visit us from Buffalo.  We had a great time which of course included seeing a baseball game.   We caught the Tigers hosting the Chi Sox in a pathetic display of baserunning & defensive prowess.  Nathan Bomey joined us for a great time!  We also made a trip to the Detroit Zoo, where during the trip we cracked the windshield on the Saturn.  We had a great time visiting with the Wood's.
     This weekend Lucinda takes off for South Bend to run in the Sunburst 10k with her brother Timothy.  There is also a huge baby shower for her younger sister Larissa.   I have found a way to avoid all of this while my friends Eric & Amy Sokol and Eric's brother Frank come to visit, well for what other reason, to catch a ball game at the soon to be destroyed Tiger stadium.  For good or bad, we'll be at Saturday's game with the Andro-driver Mark McGwire visiting town and a near sell-out crowd.  On Monday, two friends from the Pirates mailing list and BurghBall Rotis league will be visiting town to see my beloved Pirates play an intra-league game against the Tigers.  Lucinda, Nathan and I will catch up with them at the stadium for what will hopefully be the Pirates 10th consecutive victory!
5-26 --  Hello again.  I have determined what I want the look & feel of our vacation pages to be.  I ported the old "menu" system to the new look & feel, still void of content though.   I want to add numerous more vacations and excursions in there as well.  I am now using MS Front Page which is fairly cool.  I had never used it before and was editing individual pages with Netscape's Composer - which was great for that, but Front Page, not free mind you, manages my entire web site for me - very cool - and very powerful.  I also added directions to our house for visitors (actual ones, not web guests).  They are private and not linked to from anywhere.  I guess you'll only see my cool image maps and links if you have a need to, sorry :-)
     Wanted to pass along a big Congratulations to Tara Williams, M.D. who we celebrated her graduation from Pitt Medical School this past weekend.  We're glad we were able to be with you on that special weekend!  Additional thanks to Jim who is doing a wonderful job raising Simone, Selina & Sasha!  They are heading to Newark for her residency.
     Dittos on the congrats to Jason Tatka, D.O. who graduated from medical school and is heading off to central PA for his residency.  Of course he had an opportunity in MI and would have been close to me, but at that time I was living in NJ, close to the Newark of the previous paragraph.  Isn't it strange how our paths cris-cross so many times through the years...
     BTW, these notes will be in a different section someday soon.   Along with a list of friends & relatives birthdays, anniversaries, etc.   But all of that is in the future...
5-13 --  Thanks for visiting our new web home.  We hope you like the domain name too.  This was one of many we tried, but the only cool one left still not taken.  Funny as the .com and .net versions of this name are taken, but not in use.
     Anyway, as time permits, we will be keeping this up to date with the latest happenings in our lives, our home, our church, etc.  We will maintain a "What's New" section which will highlight and link you to the new features of the web site.  I would like to say "hey, check it out weekly!"  But I know that for the time being it may not be worth your while.  If you would like to receive e-mail updates when the web page is changed in a fairly noteworthy manner, send mail to with nothing in the body.  When we make a good change, you'll get a simple 2 or 3 line notice telling to to visit again - you won't get a lengthy message from us, 'cause you'll be visiting the web site after receiving the mail, that's where the lengthy discourse will occur.


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