New Box Shots surface on Amazon. These are temporary mockups until the official art is released.

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The Riven Lyst is a mailing list where anyone can share their opinions and discuss topics related to the world of Myst, Riven, D'ni and world building with hundreds of other fans around the globe. The Riven Lyst has been updated and includes a separate spoilers list as well as digest versions.


Special Forum for
Mysterium added on the

Project Mudpie & Stuart
Evey at

The GRID Series

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Interview with the RivenGuild Creators

Welcome to RivenGuild!

April 2, 2001 - Update Announcement on The Riven Lyst. Click on the RivenGuild webboards above for updates on the Riven Lyst. All new information is being posted in the What's New forum.

March 8th, 2001 - updated with new gallery pictures, new links to reviews and articles.

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Jan 30th - A new site comes

January 22nd, 2001 - Myst III: Exile getting close to completion. Release dates are set for April 9th, 2001. Click here for more details.

Check out Jim Stephenson's web page for current Exile and realMYST news. Jim is expanding his site and online store.

Mary DeMarle LIVE Chat Transcript

Steve Ogden LIVE Chat Transcript

Deadalfs' Interview with Derek Becker at Presto STudio

Mysterium II Poll at Dnipedia

Interview with Francis Tsai at

September 26th - LIVE chat with Greg Uhler, Presto Studios, was a HUGE success. Traffic was at record numbers. Click Here for a full transcript! Click here for his talk with the European fans.

Aug 2000 - MYSTERIUM a BIG success!
Mysterium Links and Photos:

July 17 - has now been updated!

July 14th - Cyan to double staff and workspace

RealMyst Screenshots Are Up!

Check out what the art team at Cyan is coming up with; unprecedented quality as far as what's been seen in real-time 3d before now; they're always looking for new talent capable of this level of production so contact them if you've got the stuff...

Myst developers creating a brave new world

MYST 3: Exile!
A Perfect Place To Plan Revenge

Well MYST fans, here is your chance to see a really cool screenshot from the new MYST 3:Exile game thats coming out. Created by Presto Studio's, this game is the sequel to MYST and will have fans frothing at the mouth! If you pop over to Jim Stephenson's website (Unofficial Riven HomePage) you can see some cool clips from the Video Trailer that went live at E3. Many will find that in order to unearth all the clues and see all the inside shots, you will want to visit both sites on a regular basis. Have fun!

Recent Trip To Presto Studios!

As many fans may be aware, Jim Stephenson of the
Unofficial Riven HomePage and myself, Gordon Currie,
recently travelled to San Diego on a very special mission.
On May 11th a special Quicktime trailer will be released
that will get most MYST / RIVEN fans very excited. Many
will be speechless. This next 7-9 days ( May 4 - 11th ) will
be important days to monitor both the site
and Jim's. More details are coming. You will not be

Game News - From Myst to Mudpie?
Very interesting reading..... Click for details

Current Contests at RivenGuild!

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Breaking NEWS!

Presto Studios celebrates their 10th Anniversary!
Click Here for details!


CyanWorlds Website is up!

MacWorld a HUGE success for Presto Studios. Check out some pictures and comments from those who attended.


Clan MACGaming Interview with Mary DeMarle of Presto Studios

Alienware - Ultimate Gaming PC  


Alienware - Ultimate Gaming PC

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