Linda Joyce, Fox 11 in L.A.Los Angeles, CA -- Fox 11, 2/20/00, 10pm PST -- The AIDS epidemic is soaring in the gay community, blamed this time on drug abuse.
Crystal meth is behind the rise in HIV infection
Linda Joyce, Fox 11 News continues her report on the addicted, playing with their lives:

It's the secret everyone's heard about, but no one knows how to stop. The drug crystal is everywhere.

Kathy WattKathleen Watt, Executive Director of the Van Ness Recovery House: you have to start over at square one and teach [addicts] that they don't have to beat themselves up anymore.
Ferd Eggan, Los Angeles City AIDS Coordinator (and former Executive Director, Being Alive L.A.): "The gay male community needs to start thinking more seriously about health."

REPORTER: That means redefining their image of the good life.

Psychotherapist James Weinstein says party promoters are talking online about drug use: "we have to start to make it uncool for people to be taking them in the first place."

REPORTER: That's the message John could have used years ago.teh crystal bomb in axion

John, in recovery: "It eats you alive. I thought it was fun. I used to have a good time with it.
99 % of the people I have seen who get involved with speed lose their apartments, their lives, you know? Everything breaks apart."

REPORTER: He's putting his life back together one day at a time, picking up the pieces, shattered by crystal.
crystal = HIV

Sounds of a 12 Step Meeting closing:

In Los Angeles, this is Linda Joyce reporting for Fox 11.

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crystal meth anonymous info line
12-step program offering a 24-hour information hotline at 213.488.4455. 8/95

free out-patient crystal meth treatment
For people with HIV/AIDS who want to stop using crystal. Free, confidential research medication-treatment study. For more information, call 800.810.5551 or 310.268.3997. 3/1998

HIV/NA Support group
Fridays, 7:30pm. Hollywood Community Hospital of Van Nuys, 14433 Emelita, Van Nuys. Also, Amigos Positivos, Wednesdays, 7pm. Call Eddie at 818.787.1511, ext. 257. 5/1999

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