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What will it take to motivate you to action? Will it happen when the jack-booted council doctors or nurses show up at your child’s school to give them shots and misplace or ignore the form you’ve sent in refusing permission for your child to be vaccinated? Whoops! We didn’t mean that?

Well, 22 Tasmanian families are facing that issue right now since their children were vaccinated in school a few weeks ago against their express written wishes. They are hoping to take legal action and have discussed the matter with the police as well. Wouldn’t it have been better, however, to have stopped this before the ‘accident’ had happened?

This is an issue that we will all be facing because the Federal Government’s MMR vaccination campaign will be coming soon to a school near you. This campaign will run from the 3rd of August until the 6th of November this year. Nurses will be going into all schools and the government plans to vaccinate and revaccinate as many children as they can.

How many errors like the one in Tasmania will take place? How will you react if your child is shot by mistake? What will you do between now and the beginning of the campaign to try and make sure that this campaign never happens in the first place? Will you just sit back and hope that someone else will do the work?

I know that sounds harsh, but we here at the AVN are contacted on a daily basis by parents who want us to make it all better. They want us to do it all - and you know what - we can’t! We give our time, our money, our energy - we give them freely and gladly. But there is only so much that we can do. It’s going to take all of us working together to beat this - we can’t do it alone.

Personally, I can’t tell you how sick I am of having editors and radio and TV reporters telling me that I’m a one-woman show. That the only person in my area who is interested in this issue is me. I know that we have over 200 members in close proximity, but I’m the only one who knows it because most of them have never written a letter to the editor, called talk back radio or phoned a TV station to Camballin about biased or misleading vaccination reports that have aired. It is lonely enough bucking the system - we all need the support of those who believe as we do.

For instance, I have gotten many calls from members to ask how the Canberra march went. Well, it didn’t. As you will read, Lynne Grimsey, Jim Townley and myself went to Canberra and lobbied for a week. We would have had a much better chance of getting in to see the government ministers, however, if we’d had the support of 800 people marching outside of the Parliament.

If just 3 of us in Canberra can accomplish the things that we have, just imagine what 300, or 500 or 1,000 of us can do. Please don’t feel that it’s helpless - that’s just what the government and the medical community want you to think. Don’t let them win this because you feel that the job is too big. It’s only too big if we do it alone. We are NOT ALONE!! We are all in this together and together we are so very powerful that we have the ‘powers that be’ running scared. Why else are they spending all this money pushing vaccines? Because we have been so effective in informing parents of the risks and ineffectiveness of vaccination which they otherwise would not have known about.

Now, we have the mass vaccination of children against measles coming up in just 2 months. What are you going to do about it?

As you can see, we’ve moved the job of the quarter to the first page of this newsletter because it is so urgent that we get this help - NOW! Please don’t put this off. This newsletter is full of information on the MMR vaccine and its known dangers. Start with the abstract of the Wakefield article on page 11, read through the rest of the articles and write letters to everyone about this most important matter. Tell your friends to do the same. Give them a copy of our membership form and ask them to join. Do anything and everything you can to ensure that this vaccination campaign does not take place and that if it does, our children will be protected in schools from being vaccinated without our permission.

Enclosed with this newsletter is a letter that you can use to put your child’s school on notice that there will be severe consequences if they choose to vaccinate without your permission. This letter was drafted with the help of a solicitor. We have also enclosed a survey that has been drafted by Trevor Wilson of our Brisbane group. This is a first of its kind exercise and the results can prove very important so please fill it out and return it ASAP. We have included a reply paid envelope, but if you’d like to use your own stamp to save us some money, that would be appreciated.Please think about the things that I have written here. I don’t like to harangue any better than you like to be harangued. I just want to stress, once again, the importance of action now - because later may be too late.

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