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The Maini Group, Our JV Partner, Other Collaborators
The Maini Group
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Other Collaborators

Other companies, world leaders in their respective fields, have also collaborated with Maini and AEVT to design and develop key components for the Reva.

Curtis Instruments Inc., USA, is a leading manufacturer of instrumentation, controls and integrated systems for electric vehicles of all types. Now in it’s 40th year, Curtis is a global company with headquarters in New York and 16 subsidiaries worldwide, including Curtis India in Pune. Curtis has been involved in the Reva project for over five years and has developed a Motor Controller specifically for the Reva that will be made in India.

Tudor India Limited, a subsidiary of the largest and oldest Battery Company in the world (located in the USA), provide the Prestolite batteries specially manufactured for use in the Reva’s high-tech Power Pack.

Modular Power Systems USA, a division of TDI, is a world leader in Charger and Power supplies. The Charger for Reva which was developed by MPS is now being made in India through a technical collaboration agreement they have with the Maini Group.

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