The Stop Keen PC for Doom 2 by Christian Loos(Snej) and Heiko Nees
Version 3.0 / 5th Release
Find the daemonic leader of the new invasion on earth 'Commander Keen' and kill him. Go through 22 levels with a complete storyline and see some amazing scenarios like the new Union Aerospace Labs on Earth, fortresses, secret facilities and much more.  
New Levels: 18 new missions with a complete storyline plus 4 multiplayer levels with special rules i.e. capture the flag.
New graphics: 32 new textures and lots of other new graphics.
New sound: 7 new samples for weapons, doors and others.
Demos: 3 new demos recorded.
Short mission overview
Campaign 1: Get the plans of Keen's secret fortress
Mission 1: Invasion headquarters
Campaign 2: Get into Keen's fortress and find him 
  Mission 1: In the mountains 
  Mission 2: Keen's fortress 
  Mission 3: The UAC-lab 
  Mission 4: Power plant 
  Mission 5: Hydroelectric/Jail 
  Mission 6: Waterpump facility 
  Mission 7: Nuclear waste facility < /TD>
Campaign 3: Get more information on Keens headquarters 
  Mission 1: Search for Keen's mine 
  Mission 2: The mine 
  Mission 3: The demonfactory 
Campaign 4: Find Keen in his headquarters and kill him! 
  Mission 1: Keen's imperial headquarters 
  Mission 2: The arena 
Campaign 5: Computer madness 
  Mission 1: UAC starship assembly shop 
  Mission 2: Launching pad 
  Mission 3: Vigilance platform deck A 
  Mission 4: Vigilance platform deck B 
Bonuslevel: The Crushers
Multiplayer levels: 
  Map 1: Capture the Flag 
  Map 2: Duel 
  Map 3: Battleground 
  Map 4: Evil neighbourhood 
Here are some screenshots:  
keen\ks05b.jpg  keen\ks02.jpg keen\ks04b.jpg
keen\ks10b.jpg  keen\ks06.jpg  keen\ks06b.jpg
keen\ks14b.jpg  keen\ks10.jpg keen\ks16b.jpg
 20.12.1998     Version 3.0 
                - Fifth release 
                - 4 new levels 
                - lots of new sprites and textures 
 28.7.1998      Version 2.1 
                - Forth release 
                - Levelname bugfix
 29.3.1998      Version 2.0 
                - Third release. 
                - Some texerrors were fixed. 
                - 7 new levels were added, some levels were modified. 
                - 7 Sounds were added. 
                - 13 new textures were added. 
                - new demos 
 10.3.1998      Version 1.1 
                - The second release. 
                - Some bugs were fixed: 
                  - missing red card in 'The demonfactory' 
                  - the gap in 'The mine' was too small. 
                  - some wrong textures were fixed. 
                - 3rd level 'The fortress' was extended a bit.
 27.2.1998      Version 1.0 
                - The first release of 'Stop Keen!' 
                - 11-missions 
                - new gfx 
                - new demos
Download (1836kb) The Stop Keen 3.0 version. (7122kb) The Stop Keen 3.0 music WAD (Music in S3M Format so your Port has to play these if you want to listen to it. I use DosDoom for playing.) (153kb) Most of the levelmaps of Stop Keen in GIF-format.
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