Tactical Space Combat

Game Design: Peter Drake


Blue squadron raced toward the Motepi destroyer. "We've got to buy those colonists more time," growled Commander Rick Wilson. "You know the drill -- all sides!"

Four fighters split off, putting their parade maneuvers to the acid test. Blue 2 stayed on course, and Blue 1 plunged forward to get behind the destroyer. Rick strained under six gees of cheek-flapping acceleration, knowing that he'd take the first barrage from the Motepi pulsars.

The destroyer angled its shields and spat fire at the Cobras coming in from every direction. Blue 4 disappeared in a ball of flame, and a missile shattered Rick's starboard wing, taking out two of his engines. He screamed past the destroyer and swung his ship around in a maneuver that would have cost a mudhugger their lunch.

His first shot took down the destroyer's aft shields. He carefully targeted the central shaft with his second laser. The crimson beam pierced the hull, and the destroyer's lights flickered and died. "I got the reactor!" he shouted, using his remaining engines to slow his motion away from the alien craft. "Get her now before they ..."

Rick stopped as the destroyer's lights came back on. The Motepi had repaired their reactor, and were turning to bring their weapons to bear on him.

Blue 1 knew he was doomed. "It will take her time to raise shields! Close and attack while you -- Aiyeeeee!"

Astromachia is a starship combat simulation boardgame for two or more players. Normally, each player controls one ship, but experienced players should be able to fly three or four ships without too much difficulty. (The wording of the rules will assume each player controls only one ship.) Games last from 20 minutes to several hours, depending on the scenario.

The 11 x 17" map depicts a 1000 X 1000 X 16000 km portion of deep space. The 246 counters depict a variety of Terran and Mopeti ships, as well as stargates, shields and possible actions.

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