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Date are shown in reverse chronological order, most recent conferences appear first on the list.
29-30 November 1999
Tunis, Tunisia
The Year 2000 Contingency Planning for Gas Resource in Maghreb and South Mediterranean Countries
12 November 1999
Panama City, Panama
Regional Group for Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico - Meeting of the Subgroup of Electric Sector Experts
Conference Information
9 November 1999
Asoncion, Paraguay
Central and South American Regional Meeting
8-10 November 1999
Centurion, South Africa
Y2K BCP Workshop
4-5 November 1999
Santiago, Chile
Y2K South American Forum
1-3 November 1999
Rabat, Morocco
Middle East and North Africa Regional Meeting
Resolutions | Participants | Presentations
Regional IEA Conference (oil Industry)
29 October 1999
Mexico City, Mexico
Y2K Regional Meeting - Contingency Planning, Central America, The Caribbean, and Mexico
Conference Information
29 October 1999
Budapest, Hungary
Eastern European Regional Meeting
26 October 1999
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Asia and Far East Regional Meeting
21-22 October 1999
Santiago, Chile
Contingency Planning in the Health Sector
IY2K Health Team Debrief
NHS Press Release
14-15 October 1999
Sopron, Hungary
Regional Y2K Conference on Year 2000 Issues
13-14 October 1999
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Electrical Grid Management Meeting
4-8 October 1999
Nairobi, Kenya
Contingency Planning Seminar
Resolutions | Press Briefing |
Contingency Plan Example - South Africa | Emergency Response Plan: East Africa Template (.pdf) | Slide Presentation
4-5 October 1999
Ottawa, Canada
Canada, Mexico and US Trilateral Meeting
Meeting Minutes
3-5 October 1999
Ohrid, Macedonia
Eastern European and Central Asian Regional Y2K Conference on Contingency Planning
30 September - 1 October 1999
International Conference - "Y2K in Estonia and its Neighbouring Countries"
Participants | Agenda | Press Release
27 September - 1 October 1999
Dakar, Senegal
Contingency Planning Seminar
26-29 September 1999
Tokyo, Japan
Asian Regional Meeting
Executive Summary | Y2K Coordinators | Press Release | The Philippines' Official Y2K Website
23-24 September 1999
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Contingency Planning and Public Confidence
22 September 1999
Berlin, Germany
G8 Y2K Experts Group Meeting
G8 Briefing (PDF) | Kate Priestley - Health Sector Presentation
20 September 1999
Miami, Florida
Caribbean Workshop on Y2K and Ports and Airports
Action Agenda
13-14 September 1999
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Y2K: Crisis Global, Impact Local Seminar for Mercosur Journalists - Contact: Lee Tablewski from the Dante B. Fascell North-South Center
30 August -
2 September 1999
Moscow, Russia
International Meeting of Millennium National Committees
Sponsors: Russian Millennium Organizational Committee, Russian Millennium Non-Governmental Committee (Committee-2000)
18 August 1999
Mérida, Yucatán
Bilateral Technical Coordination Meeting between the Electrical Companies, CFE, of Mexico, and Bel, of Belize, on the Year 2000 Contingency
Agreements and Undertakings
16-17 August 1999
Caracas, Venezuela
Y2K: Crisis Global, Impact Local Seminar for Andean Journalists - Contact: Lee Tablewski from the Dante B. Fascell North-South Center
Press Advisory
12-13 August 1999
São Paulo, Brazil
Y2K: Crisis Global, Impact Local Seminar for Brazilian Journalists - Contact: Lee Tablewski from the Dante B. Fascell North-South Center
Press Advisory
6 August 1999
San José, Costa Rica
Regional Meeting of Y2K Financial Sector Experts, Central America, The Caribbean and Mexico
Conclusions and Agreements
2 August 1999
Mexico City, Mexico
Regional Meeting of Experts in the Electrical Sector, Central America, The Caribbean, and Mexico
Conclusions and Agreements
22 July 1999
Havana, Cuba
Sixth Meeting of National Coordinators Y2K of the Region of Central America
Conclusions and Agreements | Agenda
June 1999
World Conference on Disaster Management
24-25 June 1999
 Miami, Florida
Y2K: Crisis Global, Impact Local Seminar for Mexican, Caribbean, and Central American Journalists
Contact: Lee Tablewski from the Dante B. Fascell North-South Center
21-23 June 1999
 New York
2nd Global Y2K National Coordinators Conference
The United Nations National Y2K Coordinator's Meeting website
10-12 June 1999
 Slunchev Bryag, Bulgaria
Second Regional Y2K Conference for Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Energy and Telecommunication Solutions
25 May 1999
Regional Conference (finance, tourism & public sector)
19-21 May 1999
Washington, D.C.
2nd South American Y2K Forum (website)
Background Information, Preliminary Program
News Advisory (May 20,1999), News Advisory (May 13,1999)
12-14 May 1999
All Africa Y2K Conference
5-6 May 1999
ITU Y2K Task Force Meeting
4-5 May 1999
 Abu Dhabi, UAE
Mid-East/Africa Region Oil Seminar (OECD International Energy Agency)
3-4 May 1999
Global Cross-Sector Conference (ITU Host)
22-23 April 1999
Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Y2K Symposium (Telecom Sector Part)
19-20 April 1999
EC Infrastructure Providers' Year 2000 Workshop
12-13 April 1999
CIS and Baltic States Regional Workshop (ITU)
29-31 March 1999
Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Sub-Regional
29-31 March 1999
Eastern Europe & Central Asia Regional Conference - 
Agenda, Declaration, & Participants
25-26 March 1999
Regional IEA Conference (oil industry)
23-24 March 1999
Kuala Lumpur
National Y2K Workshop
22-23 March 1999
Foz do Igua, Brazil
South America Regional Workshop (ITU)
21-23 March 1999
Regional Conference (aviation, energy and customs)
Main Conclusions and Agreements
11-12 March 1999
Regional IEA Conference (oil industry)
8-12 March 1999
ITU Y2K Task Force
4-5 March 1999
South America Conference
1-3 March 1999
Asia Regional Conference

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