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July 25, 2000
Dear Pusanweb Visitors,

     After three years online, I figure it’s time to provide an official welcome to this site and some kind of answer to ‘What is Pusanweb?’.

   Firstly, to those who have helped build this site and create the ‘Pweb community’ by posting classifieds, sharing writings, submitting photos, and suggesting links, thanks.  Your participation has helped Pusanweb become Pusan’s most active English website.  To those who are tuning in for the first time (perhaps after reading the July 26 feature in the Kookje Shinmun), welcome. 

    When I first started Pusanweb in April of 1997, there was a growing community of expatriates here, but very few resources available to help answer their most common questions.  To that end, I set off to build a site that would provide basic information, a forum for discussions and classified ads, and help share the sites and sounds of life in Pusan with the global online community. 

      Along the way, many people have offered advice and assistance, but for the most part, Pusanweb has been a ‘one-guy’ operation. In recent months, Pusanweb has been semi-dormant, as I focused on getting married and producing a variety of Tibet related sites.  This will change soon however, as plans are being made for Pusanweb to expand by producing educational materials, print publications, and a more extensive collection of  information, multimedia features, and writings.  To grow, Pusanweb needs the active participation of savvy web technicians to manage web tasks, creative content editors & section managers to oversee the production of new materials, and people with the business skills to help turn Pusanweb into a legally registered benevolent commercial entity.  If you are interested in any of these roles, please contact me.

   Thanks again to all those who have helped make Pusanweb a useful resource for the entire community and  such an interesting, gratifying experience for me personally.  As always, please send your comments, suggestions, and content contributions to me at

      Fiberoptically Yours,
Jeff Lebow