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Prom 2000
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Pusan Prom 2000
Vagabond Upgrade

Beer and Wet Clothing In Chejudo 
by John Bocskay

Time Training in Kyongju
by Joseph Steinberg
Stupid Girl
by Star Belly

 The Uneternalized

by Mike Bradie

 Mating Ritual

by John Bocskay


by Alan Medd

 The Nightmare Called Reunification

by J. Steinberg

 The Korean Scooter Riders

by Alan Medd

 ‘Mao’thing Off: Welcome to the Chairman’s Beijing 

by J. Strohmaier
  Brain Eater
by Martin Grove

 The Thinning Girl

by J. Steinberg

  • ...And Then There was a Snake that Began to Swallow  Its Own Tale...
  • Star Spangled Bastard
  • Korean Riot Football & long thoughts & soft moments from Texas Street
  • by M.R. Bradie

     A Line in a Textbook

    by Alan Medd

     Cherry Blossoms in Korea

    by Sheila Windl
    Path of the WInd
    by Joseph Steinberg
    Dancing at the Blood Festival  published in Salon May '2000
    Armed only with curiosity and a stained pair of pants, Rolf tries to make sense of the Islamic Feast of the  Sacrifice in Aqaba, Jordan.

    The Baksheesh Diaries  published in Salon April '2000
    Rolf discovers that even the simplest experiences sometimes carry a price tag

    Be your own donkey  published in Salon March '2000
    On an innocent walk into the Libyan Desert, Rolf discovers just how easily fancied adventures can turn into real ones.

    Uncovering Cairo  published in Salon March '2000
     Rolf makes rabbit stew, views an Egyptian film comedy about America and sees the pyramids in a new light. 

    On The Line - Listen to Rolf's March 1 appearance on WNYC Radio


    Our interview with  Canadian ambassador, Arthur Perron

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    Kotesol 2000
    Toasting the New
    Era at Kimmy's
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    The End of an Era
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    Student Projects
    Noraebang(song room) Introduction , Scuba Diving in Korea , TV Drama ShowsAn Introduction to Korean Marriage , StreetFoodA Visit to Yongdusan Park  , Korean Fairy Tales , Korean Internet Culture, Soju Tent Tour of Pusan,Boarding House LifeSaturi (Pusan Dialect), Dance Dance Revolution

    complete list  *  student homepages

    La Reina de Pusan, the Haeundae Girls, and a seriously festive evening

    Chagalchi Fishfest
    Multimedia coverage of the Eel Race, Cooking contest and other fishy matters

    PAC2 Webcast - 
    Oct. 1-3, 1999
    Interviews, Videos, and Pix from the Pan Asian Conference of English Teachers (Tesol)