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Big Brother

01 | 25 | 2000
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News Photo A House Full Of Nominees
All are marked but Josh

The banishment phone number is 1-900-740-1000. This call will cost 99 cents.

--Day 74

The sixth round of nominations became the focus of the first live Saturday broadcast. Here is who nominated whom, and why.

Eddie coolly sauntered in to the Red Room. Big Brother reminded him it was a live show.

"I'm hurrying, bro!" Eddie said as he put his crutches down and sat in the Red Room hot seat. Eddie completely flip-flopped from his other nominations. The previous week he refused to nominate either George or Jamie. George, he reasoned, needs the money; Jamie is 'too sweet and nice.'" Well, this time, Eddie was out for blood.

"This week I nominate Jamie and George. Because I believe they are both positive people in the house and I'd like to see the viewers battle it out. Which one gets to stay -- Jamie or George?" Eddie posed the question directly to the live audience.

Big Brother asked him whether he was conflicted over nominating his surrogate father, George.

"Yes, but I have to do what's best for me," Eddie said, without flinching.

Though his nominations were the same as the previous week, he suggested that his motivating factors had shifted.

"I'm gonna nominate Eddie and George. This time around, it's for slightly different reasons. I'm a point that I'm really close to everybody. And I feel very close to Jamie and I feel close to Josh. By a process of elimination I'm forced to pick Eddie and George."

Big Brother wanted to know why he keeps singling out Eddie.

"For a while Eddie and I didn't click," Curtis began to explain, but then he got down to the real issue.

"Maybe it's the fact that it's mostly guys in the house," he sheepishly admitted.

Josh put down the pug and confidently strode into the Red Room. Once again, his votes were all over the place.

"I'm nominating Curtis and George. Because I think they're both gonna be pretty decent off when they get out of here.

"George has a strong support system and great wife. I think they'll be well off financially. His wife went back to work and has a degree." Josh explained, even though George has been candid about his family's financial woes.

Big Brother wanted to know if Brittany's live show message had influenced him.

"Not at all" Josh smiled.

Stepping out of his bizarre spaceman suit, George changed into shorts and a T-shirt. Before Big Brother could speak, George put his hand up in the air.

"I can do it quick. I nominate Jamie. Because she said the other night she hasn't been nominated," he reasoned.

"And also I'm gonna go nominate ... I'm not quite sure. I think I'll go with Curtis on this one." George appeared to struggle, even though he had repeatedly nominated Curtis.

"He's a cool dude, you guys. I got no beef with nobody. My brain is like toast. I've been beat up so damn bad in here. I don't even want to think anymore. Have a nice day," George said. He left with his head down, looking a little beaten.

The last of the nominees was the longest winded.

"Hi, I get a minute, right?" Jamie began, stating the obvious.

"I'm nominating Eddie, and I'm nominating George. Anyone watching on the Internet knows I rolled a dice, and it came up one in five. I hope you don't edit," Jamie said, forgetting she was on live TV.

"It's difficult, you get so close," Jamie said. "I want to make it clear everyone in here is a good person, and they're very deserving. We know we're not gonna take it personally."

"Now this is the fourth time you've nominated Eddie," Big Brother pointed out her choice seemed to be personal.

"In all honestly, I've probably bonded with him less than everyone else," Jamie shrugged.

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